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  1. Ich Dein is this position's motto
    Prince of Wales
  2. Three ostrich feathers represent this position
    Prince of Wales
  3. Motto and Symbol of the Prince of Wales
    Ich Dein (I serve) and three ostrich feathers
  4. When asked "why do you want to be president," was not able to answer
    Ted Kennedy
  5. Asker of "why do you want to be president"
    Rodger Mudd
  6. Supposed first astronaut for strapping rockets on himself
    Wan Hu
  7. Murder poet that caused a scandal for James I
    Thomas Overbury
  8. The murder of Thomas Overbury was a scandal for this king
    James I
  9. First Female War Correspondent
    Lady Sarah Wilson
  10. The first female war correspondent worked during this battle
    Siege of Mafeking
  11. Founder of the Scouts
    Robert Baden Powell
  12. This man commanded at the Siege of Mafeking
    Rober baden Powell
  13. This man used fake landmines and wire to train his solders
    Robert Baden Powell
  14. Robert Baden Powell commanded at this battle
    Siege of Mafeking
  15. This battle employed the use of fake landmines and non existent barbed wire to fool people
    Siege of Mafeking
  16. First head of the AFL-CIO
    George Meaney
  17. City name ending that means it was a salt mine
    wich (Norwich)
  18. Wich means that a city was close to what
    A Salt Mine
  19. Nikolai Yezhov was pictured with this man
    Joseph Stalin
  20. Man who was pictured with Stalin walking on bridge then later removed
    Nikolai Yeshov
  21. A watch was edited out of a picture of this scene
    Raising the Flag over the Reichstag
  22. this object was edited out of the raising the flag over the reichstag photo
    A Watch
  23. This king had a Parthian Advisor
    Phillip II
  24. Pamphleteer that exposed Maria Reynolds and Sally Hemmings scandals
    James T Callender
  25. Scandals exposed by James T Callender
    Maria Reynolds-Hamilton and Hemmings-Jefferson
  26. Pamphlet written by Callender to expose scandals
    History of 1796
  27. Author and purpose of pamphlet History of 1796 
    James Callender, exposing TJ-Hemmings and Hamilton-Reynolds affairs
  28. Founder of the US Air Force
    Billy Mitchell
  29. Brief description of Mitchell trial
    Mitchell claimed "almost treasonable administration of the national defense" was done by the US Army for getting Battleships instead of Aircraft Carriers
  30. Famous general at Billy Mitchell's trial
    Douglas Macarthur
  31. Douglas MacArthur was a judge for this man's trial
    Billy Mitchell
  32. Ran Warren G Harding's presidential campaign
    Will H Hays
  33. What happened to MacArthur's ballot during the Billy Mitchell Trial?
    Found in the Judge's room
  34. R.B. Bernstein was the biographer of this man
    Thomas Jefferson
  35. Biographer of Thomas Jefferson
    R.B. Bernstein
  36. Writer of rules relating to censorship in Hollywood
    Will H Hays
  37. Capital of the Hittites
  38. City in which the first peace treaty was signed
  39. Headline that showcased the Winter of Discontent
    "Crisis, what Crisis?"
  40. Crisis, What Crisis? Was a headline related to this politician and period
    James Callaghan and Winter of Discontent
  41. Official philosophy of Indonesia
  42. Five parts of Pancasila
    Monotheism, Just humanity, Indo Unity, Democracy, Social Justice
  43. Law that gave special powers to governors of provinces near the sea
    Lex Gabinia (or Gabinus)
  44. Man who passed the Lex Gabinus and the man who was given power by it
    Sulla, Pompey the Great
  45. Law that gave Pompey the power over the war against Mithradaetes
    Lex Manilia
  46. The Lex Manilia allowed this man to fight this man
    Pompey, Mithradaetes
  47. A raid on this place caused the passage of the lex gabinus
  48. Builder of Hexagonal walls around Ostia
  49. Hexagon Walls were built for this city
  50. Man who reconstructed Ostia
  51. City reconstructed by Claudius
  52. First synagogue outside of Israel was in this city
  53. Law that regulates international copyright law alongside trading of drugs
  54. First President of Algeria
    Ahmed Ben Bella
  55. Ahmed Ben Bella was this first leader of this country
  56. Leader of Morocco during the Sand War
    Hassan II
  57. Hassan II led Morocco into this war
    Sand War
  58. Innovent IV threatened this monarch with excommunication
    Henry III
  59. This man's son Edmund Crouchback was supposed to rule Sicily
    Henry III
  60. This man first headed the committee on the Philippines
    Henry Cabot Lodge
  61. Man who came after Sygman Rhee
    Park Chung-Hee
  62. Man who was president during Korean Second Republic (post Rhee)
    Yun Posun
  63. Man overthrown by April Revolution
    Syngmund Rhee
  64. Launched because of discovery of dead student's body in Masan
    April Revolution (Overthrow of Rhee)
  65. Protests for April Revolution began here
  66. This man employed the Yushin System
    Park Chung-Hee
  67. System used by Park Chung-Hee to keep power
    Yushin System
  68. This country faced the 10.26 incident
    South Korea
  69. Describe the 10.26 incident
    Assassination of Park Chung-Hee
  70. Man who led the Korean 5th Republic
    Chon doo-Hwan
  71. When and through what coup, did Chon doo-Hwan take power
    5th republic, killing of Park Chung-Hee, December 12th Coup
  72. Roh Tae Woo used this policy to improve relations with North Korea
  73. target of Nordpolitik
    North Korea, Kim-il Sung
  74. issuer of Nordpolitik
    Roh tae Woo
  75. Issuer of Sunshine policy
    Kim Dae Jung
  76. This man faced the Gwangju uprising
    Chon doo-Hwan
  77. Uprising faced by Chon doo-Hwan
    Gwangju uprising
  78. foreign policy of Kim Dae Jung
    Sunshine Policy
  79. This man's election sparked April Uprising
    Lee ki-Poong
  80. The Terrace Mutiny was part of this larger problem
    Conscription Crisis
  81. This mutiny happened during the conscription crisis
    Terrace Mutiny
  82. Incident that killed Park Chung Hee
    10.26 Incident
  83. Mutiny during Conscription Crisis
    Terrace Mutiny
  84. Two elephants were eaten by civilians during this battle
    Siege of Paris
  85. Little Rock Nine case
    Cooper v Aaron
  86. States that due to supremacy clause, states could not ignore the court's rulings
    Cooper V Aaron
  87. Give brief description of Cooper v Aaron (also AKA)
    Little Rock 9 case. District asked to not integrate due to opposition of government and hostility. Court said due to supremacy clause, they can't.
  88. Governor of Arkansas during little rock 9
    Orval Faubus
  89. Region between Bhutan and Nepal
  90. Where is Sikkim?
    Between Nepal and Bhutan
  91. Where was the Three Emperor's league negotiated?
  92. Ruler and country of the Andijan massacre
    Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov
  93. Ruler of Uzbekistan
    Islam Karimov
  94. Louis I Duke of Anjou was made a hostage due to this treaty
    Treaty of Bretingy
  95. This treaty was ratified and modified in Calais
    Treaty of Bretingy
  96. This king gave himself up after the escape of Louis I Duke of Anjou
    John II of France
  97. King that violated the treaty of Bretingy to declare war
    Charles V of France
  98. Two kings that negotiated Treaty of Bretingy
    John II and Edward III
  99. Who was made a hostage due to Treaty of Bretingy?
    Louis I Duke of Anjou
  100. City that saw the ratification of Treaty of Bretingy
  101. Battle that saw Boetian league defeat Sparta
    2nd Battle of Mantinea
  102. Father James Groppi was from this city
  103. This group tried to kill Mick Jagger
    Hells Angels
  104. Victory of Agis II during peloponnesian war
    1st Battle of Mantinea
  105. Court case that involves Adams Onis, Jay's, and all other border related supreme court cases
    Amistad case
  106. Silence Dogood was this man's pen name
    Benjamin Franklin
  107. Pen name of Ben Franklin
    Silence Dogood
  108. This man was FBI director during investigation into Ruby Ridge and Waco
    Louis Freeh
  109. Two big events that Louis Freeh was FBI director for
    Ruby Ridge and Waco sieges
  110. This man investigated Penn State in the wake of Sandusky-ghazi
    Louis Freeh
  111. Scandal that Louis Freeh investigated
  112. This man is depicted in a cartoon that shows a man farting and saying "this is treason!"
    George III
  113. Describe the famous cartoon of George III
    man farting on him saying this is treason
  114. operation to Bomb Libya
    Operation Eldorado Canyon
  115. This operation was launched in response to Berlin discotheque massacre
    Operation Eldorado Canyon
  116. Describe cause and what Eldorado Canyon is
    Response to Discotheque massacre, bombing of Libya by saint Reagan
  117. Former president that farmed peanuts
    Jimmy Carter
  118. Treaty between Rome and Antiochus III of Seleucid empire
    Treaty of Apamea
  119. treaty of apamea was between these two powers
    Rome and Seleucid (Antiochus the Great)
  120. Percentages agreement was signed between these two rulers
    Churchill and Stalin
  121. treaty signed between Churchill and Stalin to decide who would rule what
    Percentages agreement
  122. Nader Shah damaged this landmark during his invasion of India
    Iron Pillar of Delhi
  123. This man damaged the Iron Pillar of Delhi
    Nader Shah
  124. This man also built towers of Skulls
    Nader Shah
  125. Nader Shah built these like his idol
    Nader Shah
  126. Marco Polo wrote about this group
  127. Scientologists use this chemical in their ceremonies
    Vitamin B3
  128. Speech that says gays are bad and talks about Bill Clinton
    Culture war by Patt Buchanan
  129. Man who won the 1935 Nobel Peace price for exposing German re-armament
    Carl Ossietzky
  130. What did Carl Ossietzky do?
    Won 1935 Nobel Peace Prize for exposing German Re-armament
  131. This school has a group of philosopher mathematicians known as calculators
  132. This city has a namesake Thunderbird
    El Paso
  133. The sunbowl is in this city
    El Paso
  134. Large French naval victory during 100 year war
    Battle of La Rochelle
  135. War that Naval Battle of La Rochelle was during
    100 years war
  136. This king was known as the quarreler
    Louis X of France
  137. epitaph of Louis X of France
  138. Obesity induced Asthma is named after this writing
    Pickwick papers
  139. Nixon's secretary of the treasury and gas tsar
    William Simon
  140. Two positions of William Simon under Nixon
    Secretary of Treasury and Gas Tsar
  141. The qashqai people revolted in this nation
  142. This man won the Battle of Jacobs Ford over this other man
    Saladin over Baldwin IV
  143. Battle at a river crossing between Saladin and Baldwin IV
    Battle of Jacob's Ford
  144. Universal Healthcare first appeared in this province
  145. Saskatchewan was the first place to implement this
    Universal Healthcare
  146. Author of Baby and Child Care
    Ben Spock
  147. This man ran with Julius Hobson in 1972
    Benjamin Spock
  148. main work of Benjamin Spock
    Baby and Child Care
  149. running mate of Benjamin Spock
    Julius Hobson
  150. Year that Spock ran for president
  151. This man was part of the boston 5
    Benjamin Spock
  152. group of people that protested the vietnam war in a city
    Boston 5
  153. What were the Boston 5
    group of anti-war protestors in Boston against the Vietnam War. Included Benjamin Spock
  154. These people revolted in the April Uprising
  155. The bulgarians revolted against the Ottomans in this revolt
    April Uprising
  156. These people were killed by the Batak massacre
  157. this polity launched the batak massacre
    Ottoman Empire
  158. The bulgarians were killed by this massacre during the april uprising
    Batak Massacre
  159. This uprising was detailed in Gladstone's Bulgarian Horrors
    April Uprising
  160. famous pamphlet written during the April Uprising
    Gladstone's Bulgarian Horrors
  161. The Provincia Nostra was where?
    Southern Gaul
  162. The wave people lived in this city
  163. Name for landless people during Nara period
    Wave People
  164. The largest Budha statue in the world was in this city
  165. Nara contains the world's largest statue of this man
    The Buddha
  166. This era's capital was designed after the Tang capital of Chang'an
    Nara period
  167. The Nara capital was based off of this city
  168. This man's namesake scissors describe a period when decreasing black unemployment did not decrease welfare usage
    Dan Moyniham
  169. Describe Dan Moyniham's "scissors"
    A period where unemployment of black men went down but not welfare usage
  170. Dan Moyniham's namesake thing
  171. This man's "report" detailed how the lack of the Nuclear Family among blacks would cause a lack of social progress
    Dan Moyniham
  172. What did Moyniham's report describe?
    how the lack of the Nuclear Family among blacks would cause a lack of social progress
  173. Name of Dan Moyniham's report
    The Negro Family
  174. The Negro Family was what man's report?
    Dan Moyniham's
  175. What did the Negro Family detail?
    how the lack of the Nuclear Family among blacks would cause a lack of social progress
  176. Dan Moyniham represented this state
    New York
  177. Tridentes was an independence hero from this country
  178. This man is a pro-independence hero from Brazil
  179. This country contains the city of Ouro Preto, or Black Gold
  180. Name of a large mining town in central brazil
    Ouro Preto, Black Gold
  181. This party launched the Night of the Long Prawns
    Australian Labor Party
  182. Common name for Australian Labor party scandal purging thing
    Night of the Long Prawns
  183. This party faced the Gair affair
    Australian Labor Party
  184. The gair affair hurt this party
    Australian Labor Party
  185. Other name for the Gair Affair
    Night of the Long Prawns
  186. Other name for Night of the Long Prawns
    Gair affair
  187. Describe the Gair Affair
    Attempted appointment of non-majority Senator, Gair, by Ghough Ghitlam, as Irish Ambassador
  188. Attempted appointment of non-majority Senator, Gair, by Ghough Ghitlam, as Irish Ambassador
    Gair affair
  189. The myth of karrots letting you see in the dark was started by whom for what purpose?
    RAF, hide Radar
  190. The revolt of the qashqai hurt this country
  191. Women handed out White Feathers during this war
  192. WWI saw women handing out what to shame people?
    White feathers
  193. This party started the Snowy Mountain Scheme
    Australian Labor Party
  194. The Australian Labor party funded what large series of dams
    Snowey Mountain Scheme
  195. The Mamelukes used these people as Mercenaries
  196. The druze were used by whom as mercenaries?
  197. Muckers are Germans living where?
  198. What are muckers?
    German brazilians
  199. Who published the Bryce Report?
    UK in WWI
  200. The UK used what propoganda piece to rile up war sentiments in WWI?
    Bryce Report
  201. When was the Bryce report published?
  202. This ruler loved Mangoes
  203. Babur was a fan of what fruit
  204. This man's prefect was Sejanus
  205. Name of Tiberius's praetorian prefect
  206. The 17 point agreement ended this conflict
    Chinese invasion of Tibet
  207. The Chinese invasion of Tibet was ended with what agreement?
    17 point agreement
  208. The Battle of Chamdo was the coup de grace in this war
    Invasion of Tibet by China
  209. The Invasion of Tibet was ended with what battle
    Battle of Chamdo
  210. The Ironside Code affected this place
  211. Law code for Iceland from Magnus IV of Norway
    Ironside Code
  212. English name of Jarnsioa
    Ironside Code
  213. Icelandic name for Ironside Code
  214. Law code from Icelandic commonwealth
    Gray Goose Laws
  215. When did the Gray Goose Laws govern?
    Icelandic commonwealth (pre-Noway)
  216. The landamabok is about this country
  217. Iceland's history is told in this book
  218. English name for Landabaok
    Book of Settlements
  219. Icelandic name for Book of Settlements
  220. This country has throwing pillars
  221. This city was the center of the English wool industry
  222. Calais was the center of what english industry
  223. Dictator of Gabon
    Omar Bongo
  224. Omar Bongo is the dictator of what country
  225. Amendments to not end slavery were this man's compromise
  226. Crittenden compromise was this
    amendments to not end slavery and to stop civil war
  227. Mensees ruled this place
    Canary Islands
  228. The Canary Islands were ruled by this pre-colonial person
  229. The Pine Tree riots occured in this state
    New Hampshire
  230. Anti-british riot that happened in New Hampshire
    Pine tree riot
  231. Protests against law forbidding cutting of large trees in NH
    Pine tree riot
  232. describe pine tree riot
    anger over forbidding cutting of large trees
  233. Draco was killed how?
    Smothered to death by clothing that was gifts
  234. This man was killed by being smothered by clothes
  235. This man founded the council of 400
  236. The conspiracy of the three antonios took place here
  237. attempt to overthrow Spanish government in Chile in late 1700s
    conspiracy of the three antonios
  238. "what the world is saying" refers to this place
  239. Largest japanese interment camp
  240. Nelson Miles was a critic of this industry
    Meat Packing
  241. The Meat Packing industry was attacked by what Civil War officer
    Nelson Miles
  242. The Greatest Trust in the world is about what industry
    Meat Packing
  243. The treaty of Hard Labor was a modification of this act
    proclamation of 1763
  244. Proclamation of 1763 was modified by what two treaties
    Hard Labor, Fort Stanwix
  245. This man's newspaper was Orientacion
    Oscar Romero
  246. Oscar Romero's newspaper
  247. This man was beatified in 2015
    Oscar Romero
  248. The Khmer rebelled against them to be independent
  249. The Sailendra were rebelled against by whom for independence
    Khmer Empire
  250. This Empire used the Baray canals
  251. Name of canals used by Khmer
  252. This man fought the Battle of Fah ah sy
    Osei Tutu (founder of Ashante)
  253. Osei Tutu was killed at this battle
    Battle of Fah ah sy
  254. Eusebius is known as the what
    Father of Church History
  255. He was known as the father of church history
  256. The March 15th incident hurt this party
    Japanese Communist Party
  257. Purge of Japanese communists and socialists
    March 15th Incident
  258. The "reverse course" policy hurt this party
    Japanese Communist party
  259. Change of Policy by Japan and US to not allow leftist parties in Japan
    Reverse Course
  260. Operation felix was a planned seizure of this place by Nazi's
  261. Planned operation for Nazi's to seize Gibraltar
    Operation Felix
  262. The 1924 DNC saw the playing of this song
    Marching Through Georgia
  263. Marching Through Georgia was played during this event
    1924 DNC
  264. First socialist major in America
    Emil Seidel
  265. Emil Seidel was mayor of what city
  266. Milwaukee had what first socialist as mayor
    Emil Seidel
  267. US's first carnival became hospital during what
    1793 Phili Yellow Fever outbreak
  268. 1793 Yellow Fever Outbreak occured where
  269. What became a hospital during the 1793 Yellow Fever outbreak?
    The US's first carnival
  270. Khan Krum ruled this place
  271. Bulgaria was ruled by what great ruler in the 700's
    Khan Krum
  272. Who turned Nicephoros I's skull into a cup?
    Khan Krum
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