Chapter 308

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  1. What can a hazardous incident involve?
    An environmental disaster or a barricaded subject with or without a hostage
  2. What strategy applies for all resolution?
  3. What is the primary goal.
    The preservation of human life
  4. What are the priorities in the hierarchy?
    • Lives of hostages.
    • Lives of innocent citizens caught in the area.
    • Lives of Police Officers
    • Lives of suspects/barricaded subject.
  5. What is key factor in decision-making?
  6. When dealing with barricaded subjects, why is time NOT always on our side?
    Delay can allow the suspect time to develop clandestine barriers and traps to apply against the police
  7. Sergeants Responsibilities
    • Immediately coordinate the containment and isolation of the situation by ensuring effective inner and outer perimeters
    • Know the exact location and identity of each unit assigned to their perimeters
    • Obtain the phone number and determine the exact location within structure
    • Insure that a floor plan drawing of the location is prepared
    • Direct the evacuation of innocents away from the scene.
    • Take initial steps to disable or block any nearby vehicle to which the suspect might gain access.
  8. Operations Incident Commander’s Responsibilities
    • Establish radio frequency for conducting the operation.
    • Obtain as much information as possible about the suspect(s) and hostages(s)
    • Direct a staging area for responding officers and other support personnel and their equipment
    • Direct the notification of other key command personnel
    • Appoint an executive officer to take notes and follow-up on notifications.
    • Establish a media command post separate from operations post
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