Chapter 18

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  1. Probability  Histogram
    A probability Histogram represents Chance by area not data as a normal histogram.
  2. Empirical and Converge
    Empirical means Experimental 

    Converge means Getting Closer
  3. Normal Approximation
    Represents areas over blocks

    Coin tossed 100x what the chance of getting between heads between 45 and 55.5

    • Area over block = -45.5 and 55.5
    • SE(Like SD) = 5 
    • EV = 50 (100 x 1/2)

    Convert to Standard Units and Calculate using the Normal Curve

    • 50-45.5 = -5.5/5(SE) -1.1
    • 50-55.5 = 5.5/5(SE)= 1.1 

    Using the Normal Scale -1.1 and 1.1 lies in between the two. 72.87 %
  4. Inclusive & Exclusive
    Inclusive means to include the box areas in between the points

    Exclusive means to include the box area outside of points (pg 315/316)

    Hard to calculate. Hardly used problems to estimate chance
  5. Approximation Histogram
    (Draw from a box)
    The more the histogram of the numbers in the box differs from the Normal Curve the more draw are needed before the approximation takes hold Pg (319-323)

    Find out about drawing from the box with replacing in reference to the curve
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Probability Histogram
The Normal Approximation for Probability Histogram
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