Chapter 401

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  1. What is Critical Incident
    Any situation that has a profound emotional impact which has the potential to interfere with an employee's ability to function
  2. Peer debriefers must receive a minimum of how many hours of training with bi-annual updates?
    8 hours
  3. A brief discussion between involved employees and a peer debriefer immediately following a critical incident.
  4. Peer debriefers will not discuss details of the event with the employee because?
    they are not covered under legal confidentiality guidelines
  5. How often should an employee’s work status be reevaluated while under the care of a mental health professional?
    Every 10 days
  6. The shift commander and/or scene supervisor, through the Communications Division notify a CISD Team Coordinator immediately of the following types of incidents:
    • Any Police related shooting
    • Suicide of employee
    • Mass casualty incident or natural disaster 
    • Death or serious injury to a child
    • Hostage situation
    • Riot
    • Death of an inmate
  7. Who shall notified by the sergeant to evaluate the need to activate the Threat Assessment Team
    The Criminal Investigations Division Captain
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