Chapter 220

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  1. All service calls involving an unauthorized subject on school property when students are present requires what type of response?
    Type- One (Code 3) response as well as a Patrol Supervisor response.
  2. Where are Knox Box typically located?
    Next to the school’s single-point entrance (Front Office).
  3. What is a Knox Box?
    A small, wall-mounted safe that holds building keys for first responders to access.
  4. There is an incident occurring OFF school grounds and a SAFE Team will be deployed within the school to conduct checks and accountability.
    Code Yellow
  5. Indicates there is a known or unknown intruder/trespasser or threat currently on or near school grounds.
    Code RED
  6. What are Primary Officer(s) Responsibilities when responding to an unauthorized person on school grounds?
    • Respond to location Code 3
    • Respond to the office and request that school
    • administration place the school in a “Code Red” Lockdown
    • If officer can not make contact with staff and all door are closed, request FLFR to respond with Knox Box keys
  7. What are the Supervisor's Responsibilities?
    • Ensure that proper procedures are being followed.
    • Assume command of the scene and notify the appropriate Shift Lieutenant
    • Determine the appropriate response of Patrol officers to locations similar to schools
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Unauthorized Subjects on School Property
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