that's english modulo5 unit 9-6

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  1. dialogo 1
    Shelly: We want to paint all the rooms – the baby room's going to be green, with animals on the walls; it's going to be so cool.

    • David: Mm. Shelly, is Paul going to the match tonight?
    • Shelly: Huh? Um, I don't think so, no. Anyway. The kitchen's just perfect. Paul chose it, and you can see the garden from the window. The living room is so big, oh my God, I love it! So we're having a house warming ...

    David: Who's that? Let's see...

    • Shelly: ... um, yeah, we're having a house warming party next Saturday. If you're free, would you like to come?
    • David: Pff, I'd better reply to this text... Don't you hate it when your boss sends you messages at the weekend? Any time something comes into his head. Never waits till
    • Monday, no...

    Shelly: David! Do you fancy coming to the house warming party? Or the baby shower? We're having a baby shower at the end of the month...

    David: What? What house warming? What?

    Shelly: David?You know what? Forget it.
  2. dialogo 2
    Shelly: So what do you think? Isn't the garden just so cool?

    • Eric: Yeah, right. It's sooo huge. And what a great swimming pool!
    • Shelly: That's not a swimming pool. It's for fish!!
    • Eric: Is it really?

    Shelly: I love our bedroom, the big windows – we're going to get this amazing bed. It's a bit expensive, but...

    Eric: Oh, it's expensive. What a surprise.

    Shelly: What does that mean?

    Eric: Nothing.

    Shelly: Well, look, we're having a house warming party on Saturday. And then we're having a baby shower at the end of the month. It’ll be a family get-together. Mum and Dad will be there. How about coming with Anna?

    Eric: Um, no, sorry, I can't. I'm busy that day.

    Shelly: Eric, I haven't told you what day!

    Eric: Saturday, the house warming thing. I'm busy.

    Shelly: Ah, but how about the baby shower? All the family will be there.

    Eric: Oh my God. How boring...

    Shelly: Shut up! It's our first baby!!That's not boring.

    Eric: Look, I'm sorry. Anna's not speaking to me. Sorry. I'd love to come to the baby shower.Yes. I'd like that. I'll be alone. But yes, I'd love to.

    Shelly: Oh come on, Eric, you're my brother. You won't be alone...
  3. dialogo 3
    Shelly: Hi, Katy? How are you?

    Katy: Tired. I went to my sister’s engagement party last night and I didn’t get home until late. How are you? How's the baby bump? (tripita de embarazada)

    Shelly: Oh, it's so huge!

    Katy: Oh wow, you must be so excited!

    Shelly: I am, yes. We are. Listen, we're having a house warming party next Saturday. It's my birthday too. Do you fancy coming?

    Katy: Oh, I'd love to! Great idea! What fun!

    Shelly: And then we're having a baby shower at the end of the month, it's a family get-together, so my cousin Daniel will be there...

    Katy: Oh, he's so cute! Oh my God! I have to go. Yes, please. I'd love to! Shall I bring a present...? What do you need for the baby...?
  4. invitacion informal
    Leave your message after the beep.

    • Hi, it's me. Listen, do you fancy coming
    • to the new pub in town tonight? There's a
    • concert and apparently the band is so good.
    • Anyway. Call me back, OK? Cheers.
  5. invitacion formal
    • Excuse me, could I possibly, um, invite you
    • for coffee some time? I see you every day,
    • and um...
    • Oh. Um.Thank you. I'm sorry, I can't really. I, er, I don't like coffee.
  6. invitacion formal
    • Hi. Um. Some friends of mine have just
    • moved into a new house and I would like
    • to invite you to come to the house warming
    • party with me tonight.

    • Oh! That's a surprise! Yes, that would be
    • great, thank you.
  7. invitacion informal
    • Do you fancy going for a sandwich after
    • work this evening?
    • I'd love to, but I'm sorry I can't tonight. I'm going to the doctors right now.

    • Ah, OK. Don't worry about it. See you
    • tomorrow.
  8. invitacion formal
    • Could I possibly ask you to come to the
    • theatre with me this evening?

    Oh, I'd love to, really, but I'm afraid I have a family dinner. Perhaps another time?

    Well, how about going to the office Christmas party together?

    It would be a pleasure. I'd like that. Thank you..
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