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  1. the rest of the characters?
    secondary characters
  2. time and place
  3. organized sequence of events
  4. struggle between 2 forces
  5. the force in opposition to the protagonist
  6. it takes place after the climax
    falling action
  7. it takes place before the climax
    rising action
  8. events end
  9. beginning
  10. the 5 characteristics of a fable
    • - Fiction
    • -Narratives
    • -They have a moral
    • -characters are animals that speak
    • - the characters represent human characteristics
  11. What is the moral of the fox and the crow?
    Do not trust flatterers.

    Don't believe everything.
  12. What is the conflict in the story The Fox and the Crow?
    The fox wants the crow's cheese.
  13. What is the lesson or moral of the tortoise and the hare?
    Don't be arrogant.
  14. what is the setting in Pranky Pig?
    A farm
  15. who are the secondary characters?
    the farm animals
  16. what is the moral of Pranky Pig?
    Don't make jokes.

    Don't be mean to others if you don't want others to be mean to you.
  17. What is the climax of Pranky Pig?
    The animals scare the pig.
  18. What is the conflict in Pranky Pig?
    The pig likes to play pranks.
  19. What is the setting in the ant and the grasshopper?
    In a field one summer's day
  20. What is the resolution for the ant and the grasshopper?
    The grasshopper learned the lesson.
  21. What is the moral for the Ant and the Grasshopper?
    The moral is work for the future.
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