Chapter 501.1

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  1. Why will steel handcuffs be utilized when effecting an arrest?
    Because of their speed of application and superior control.
  2. Which search position shall be avoided in favor of the free standing position, kneeling position, or the prone position?
    Wall search
  3. What procedures should be taken if the arrestee is a security threat or escape risk?
    It shall be so noted on the top of the probable cause affidavit and the transporting officer shall also notify BSO Prisoner Intake.
  4. Upon arrival at the FLPD Prisoner Intake Processing Area, what should the arresting officer do?
    Conduct an NCIC/FCIC wanted and missing person check, results should be noted at the top of the PC.
  5. How many parking spaces at the Prisoner Intake Processing Area will be designated for processing purposes only?
  6. When can juveniles be transported with adults?
    Only for related crimes or if vehicle is modified to accommodate this type of transportation.
  7. When can an adult probable cause affidavit be completed for juveniles and submitted with the juvenile transcript?
    If the juvenile may be charged as an adult or he/she is a chronic, repeat, or serious and violent offender.
  8. What ranking officer can void an arrest?
    Lieutenant or higher rank
  9. TRUE OR FALSE:  Mere application of the Hobble Restraint Device to a compliant arrestee does not constitute a reportable response to resistance
  10. The Hobble Restraint Device is a one-inch wide polypropylene webbed strap designed to secure
    the ankles, knees or elbows of an aggressive/combative or potentially aggressive/combative individual
  11. All arrest must conform to what amendments
    • 4th- Search/Seizures
    • 5th- Rights in criminal cases
    • 6th- Right to speedy trial
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