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  1. What is a network?
    Two or more connected computers than can share resources like data and applications, office machines and/or internet connection.
  2. Define LAN?
    A LAN is usually restricted to spanning a particular geographic location.
  3. What is a powerful computer used for drafting or other math-intensive applications?
    A Workstation
  4. What is a SERVER?
    A powerful computer that run the software that controls and maintains the network.
  5. Name three examples of specialized servers.
    • Proxy server
    • Application
    • File server
  6. Define file server.
    Stores and distributes files.
  7. Define Printer Server.
    Controls and manages computers on the network.
  8. What is a Proxy Server?
    A firewall that provides services for computers that sit behind the server.
  9. What server hosts a network application that can be used by all computers.
    Application Server
  10. Define Web Server?
    It stores and delivers web pages and other web content using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  11. What does a mail server do?
    Hosts and delivers email. An electronic post office.
  12. What is a fax server?
    It sends and receives faxes without the need of paper.
  13. Define remote access server.
    Provides remote users access to the network for the outside via modem or high speed connections.
  14. What is a WAN?
    any network that crosses metropolitan, regional, or national boundaries.
  15. Describe VPN.
    somewhere between a LAN and WAN and can seem just like a WAN link.
  16. Give three details that a WAN does.
    • covers greater distances
    • use public or private network transports
    • use full or half duplex communications
  17. What is MPLS?
    Multiprotocol Label Switching
  18. What is P2P?
    Peer to Peer Networks.
  19. Explain P2P.
    computers connected together that not have any central or special authority.
  20. A map of a network is called what?
  21. What are the two types of topologies?
    Physical and Logical
  22. What is physical topology?
    • defines specific characteristics of a network.
    • ex: where all workstations are located.
  23. Explain logical topology.
    Delineate exactly how data moves through the network.
  24. What is a bus topology?
    When all computers are connected to a single cable or "trunk or backbone", by a transceiver by the use of wire taps or by using a short drop cable.
  25. What is a star?
    It is one of the most common computer network topologies.
  26. Name some central point devices.
    • Hub
    • multistation access unit (MAU)
    • concentrator
    • switch
    • access point
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