Chapter 501.6 & 501.7

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  1. A fresh pursuit is permitted when necessary to make an arrest of a person whom the officer reasonably believes has committed or is committing what offense
  2. When can fresh pursuit arrest be made for a traffic violation, city ordinance orĀ misdemeanor offense
    When made in the officer's presence.
  3. When making an OJ arrest, who should prepare the probable cause affidavit if possible?
    The agency of jurisdiction where the arrest is made
  4. Who responsibility is it to forward a copy of the offense report when making an OJ arrest?
    The arresting officer, through Records
  5. When can an officer engage in extra-jurisdictional traffic enforcement?
    DUI or Reckless driving
  6. Notification of any extra-jurisdictional arrest by an officer must be provided to who?
    On duty shift lieutenant within 6 hours of incident
  7. Arrests occurring outside of the jurisdiction of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. the sergeant will
    determine the necessity of any further investigation or reporting.
  8. When can an arrestee be strip searched
    • There is probable cause to believe that the individual is concealing a weapon or firearm, a controlled substance or stolen property;
    • A judge at first appearance has found that the person arrested cannot be released either on recognizance or bond and therefore shall be incarcerated.
  9. A "strip-search" may only be conducted with the prior written approval of
    Shift Lieutenant or senior ranking road patrol supervisorĀ and must document in writing the justification for the search.
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