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  1. A log used to store all the inventory/inspection of property storage areas, GI's documenting missing property or property records and copies of escheat so property?
    Administrative records log
  2. Evidence may be transferred from one Station or District Office to another Station or District Office; which of the following is true?
    Such transfers must be noted on the Property Record, Form SP 7-007, at the original Station or District Office.

    The evidence or property must be properly entered into the Property Management System of the new Station or District Office.

    A copy of the original Property Record listing the transfer shall accompany the property to the new Property Management System.

    At the new location, a single line shall be drawn through the original identifier and inventory number, and the new identifier and inventory number shall be entered immediately above it.
  3. A Noncommissioned Officer or enforcement officer, not a Station Commander, responsible for property accountability, and management control (e.g., storage, security, and final disposition of property) in the property storage areas, is known as the:
    Custodial Officer
  4. Property which has no further evidentiary value, and held for more than one year with an unknown owner, or more than three years with a known owner, is known as
    Escheatable Property
  5. Who can serve as a custodial officer?
    NCO (who is not a station/office/staff serives commander)
  6. Who can serve as an alternate custodial officer?
    Member or enforcement officer
  7. Who can access the list of licensed explosives storage site via the PSPiNET?
    Member holding the rank of Sergeant and above
  8. The areas within which all property coming into Department custody are securely stored, including, but not limited to: receiving lockers; property rooms; vehicle storage areas; and any off-site, non-Department storage areas, such as impound lots, explosives magazines, or commercial storage lockers.
    Property Management System
  9. The Personal Computer Property Record System was replaced in 2013; therefore, the Property Number Log became obsolete. However, all existing Property Numbers Logs shall be retained in a labeled binder(s) within the property room for ____ years.
  10. Station Commanders/Office Commanders/Staff Services Section Commanders shall designate ____ additional Alternate Custodial Officers.(PG5)
  11. Custodial Officers shall conduct a joint inventory of all property storage areas under their purview with the appropriate Commander within ___Days of initial assignment.
  12. A temporary storage area for securing property until it can be transferred to the property room by a Custodial Officer or an Alternate Custodial Officer. Items entered into the _______ shall be transferred to the property room no later than the next shift a Custodial Officer is available.
    Receiving Locker
  13. Ensure the submitting member/enforcement officer has contacted the appropriate Financial Investigating/Asset Forfeiture Unit member for money seizures of ___ or more.
  14. How often should the Custodial Officer log into the APRS and approve or reject pending Property Records?
    At least daily, or no later than the next shift
  15. T/F
    Escheatable Property Records shall be maintained by placing the Original Property Record in a separate binder in ascending numerical order by inventory number.

    Note: A copy of each Property Record listing escheatable property shall be placed into a separate binder labeled “Escheatable Property”. The corresponding original Property Record(s) shall be retained in the Property Inventory Log(s) – Active until final disposition.
  16. The Custodial Officer is required to conduct at least one inspection of the property storage area _______ and document the inspection on a Property Storage Form to be retained in the Administrative Records Log.
  17. The Custodial Officer is required to monitor the status of evidence that has been submitted for analysis. Inquires shall be made when evidence has been signed out for a period in excess of _______.
    3 months
  18. If the Receiving Officer is going off duty and there is not a receiving officer assigned to the next shift he/she shall leave the key to the Receiving Locker:
    Locked in the Receiving Locker
  19. If there is a large seizure of drugs or money and security is a concern who is to be immediately notified through channels:
    The Director of the Bureau of Criminal Investigations
  20. Property rooms shall have an additional level of security for what types of evidence?
    • firearms
    • drugs
    • money
  21. T/F
    Property rooms and receiving rooms shall be equipped with a telephone and conductivity to the Enterprise Network.
  22. T/F
    All firearms recovered, found, or taken into State Police possession shall be entered into the eTrace Program
  23. T/F
    The receiving locker shall be secured with a keyed or keycard lock.
  24. When a non-Department explosives magazine is used, who shall be consulted?
    HDES (Hazardous Device and Explosives Section)
  25. Who is responsible for submitting the Seized Property Forfeiture Petition Preparation, Form SP3-435, in cases where assets will be forfeited?
    Member responsible for the case/evidence
  26. The keys to non-Department storage areas for any station shall be maintained_____________.
    in the property room
  27. Custodial Officers shall have sole access to all but the following.
    receiving locker
  28. Money seized in the amount of ___________ or more shall be transferred to the nearest currency storage repository as soon as practical.
  29. T/F
    Access to the APRS by PCOs will be limited to generating inventory numbers for found property when requested by a member/enforcement officer.
  30. When controlled substances are seized or purchased by members and the packaging contains identifying markers, which of the following is required?
    An Assignment Report completed & forwarded to the Intelligence Officer

    A photograph of the item shall be taken

    Note: When bulk currency seizures are made with no drugs present, but with drug indicators, the currency shall not be counted. It shall be entered into the Property Management System without disturbing its original form in order to preserve trace evidence and package integrity. Why? Ion Scan.
  31. No item shall be removed from property storage areas without justification and the permission of the:
    Custodial Officer or Alternate Custodial Officer
  32. When evidence is signed out and returned to the Property Storage area and the resealing cannot be accomplished without obliterating the original seal, _____.
    A new evidence bag shall be prepared and the original bag shall be placed inside.

    A notation shall be made in Block 27 (Removal Code Location, & Remarks) on the original Property Record
  33. Upon assignment of a new Custodial Officer or a newly assigned Commander, or if there is an indication of evidence being tampered with, an inventory of all property storage areas shall be made by the new Custodial Officer and the appropriate Commander within:
    30 days
  34. How often shall the Custodial Officer access the Department’s Prelog application for any evidence being processed by a PSP Crime Laboratory and has been expended in the laboratory or will not be returned for other reasons?
    During the Quarterly Inspection
  35. , (semiannual) unannounced inspections of all property storage areas shall be conducted by the appropriate Commander in accordance with this regulation.
  36. A quarterly inspection of all property storage areas shall be conducted by the ________ in accordance with this regulation.
    custodial officer
  37. T/F
    Custodial Officers: Shall place a copy of each Property Rocord listiong escheatable property into a separate binder labeled “ESCEATABLE PROPERTY”. The corresponding original Property Record shall be retained in the Property Inventory Log(s) – Active until final disposition.
  38. Prior to ______ of each year, generate an annual Escheat Report for their Station/Office.
    February 10th

    Note: this report shall be compared with the escheatable or found property under their control. Prior to February 10th, Finalize the annual Escheat Report and forwarded it to the Staff Services Section Commander; the Director , Administration Division, Bureau of LCE; or the Supervisor, Administration Division Beueau of Gaming Enforcement, for further processing and retention.
  39. Retain a copy of the annual Escheat Report for their Station/Office in the Adminsitration Records Log for a period of ____.
    5 years
  40. Custodial Officers shall follow the instructions from the Bureau of ___________ for the disposition of the property, and update the appropriate Property Record forms and Personal Computer Property Record System, where applicable.
    unclaimed property

    Note: Property items being sent to the Bureau of Unclaimed Property shall be sent no later than April 15th for the report year ending the previous year.
  41. What system is utilized to report the above property and is only accessed from computers within the Property Room?
    Automated property Record System (APRS)
  42. ____ is the only package delivery company that shall be utilized for shipping property items to the Bureau of Unclaimed Property.
  43. Upon completion of an investigation involving evidence or recovered property, it shall be the responsibility of the member or enforcement officer who conducted the investigation to immediately notify the Custodial Officer of the disposition. The following statements regarding the disposition of property are true: (PG25-26)
    Destruction of all property shall be witnessed by at least one other member or enforcement officer in addition to the Custodial Officer conducting the destruction.

    • When property is disposed of by the HDES, two members shall witness the destruction.
    • Evidence in cleared cases shall not be disposed of until the court proceedings and appeal periods of all known accused have expired, or upon prior approval from the attorney for the Commonwealth.
  44. Any firearm evidence acquired through investigation involving suicides; incidental deaths; or accidental deaths and the next of kin, executor, administrator, or trustee in charge of their estate no longer wishes to retain possession or ownership of the firearm may surrender it to the Pennsylvania State Police by completing which form?
    Surrendered Firearms Release, Form SP 4-158
  45. Any DNA evidence associated with an unsolved/uncleared investigating involving any Felony offenses(s) and/or any Misdemeanor sexual offense(s) committed against a minor, and a genetic profile has been extricated from the evidence and uploaded to the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), all evidence associated with the investigation shall be retained for a period of ____ years from the date of termination of the investigation. (PG27)
  46. Evidence related to all conducted electrical weapon (CEW) deployment by Department members shall be retained for a period of ___ years? (PG28)

    Note: The cartridge, wire leads, probes, anti-felon identification system tags, and a copy of the data download onto a disc and any photographs. Also, a copy of the assignment report or NTC is attached to the property record.
  47. All found property except contraband and firearms, if unclaimed by the owner, shall be retained in the appropriate property storage area for a period of ____ days?
  48. True or False: Found contraband, without any evidentiary value, shall be destroyed using the most practicable means.
  49. In order to ensure that members comply with state and federal law and do not return a firearm(s) to prohibited individuals, which of the following regulate the return of seized, confiscated, or recovered stolen firearm(s) to their lawful owner:
    The firearm(s) must be transferred within 48 hours

    The transaction approval number shall be documented in the upper    right‑hand corner of the Property Record

    A PICS background check must be initiated
  50. (TRUE or FALSE): If the subject of the background check is prohibited and/or not approved by PICS, the transfer of the firearm(s) to the individual cannot take place and the member shall keep custody of the firearm(s). The firearm(s) shall be returned to the proper property storage area, and the subject has a right to challenge the failed check(s), sell or transfer the firearm(s) to another eligible person who is not a member of the recipient’s household, or relinquish the firearm to the PSP.
  51. (TRUE or FALSE): No PICS check is required when the firearm(s) is being turned over to a licensed firearms dealer.
  52. Firearm(s) being returned to a lawful owner, who is an out-of-state resident,   which of the following apply:
    • The firearm shall be sent by the Troop/Bureau/Office to an FFL dealer of the owner’s choice located in the state of their residence
    • Prior to shipment of the firearm(s) to the FFL dealer, the initiating member shall complete Sections A and B of the Out-of-State Request for Return of Firearms and Disclaimer (Appendage E) and mail the form to the lawful owner for completion and return.
    • Once the FFL is confirmed, the Troop/Bureau/Office shall ship the firearm(s) to the dealer designated by the lawful owner.
    • A completed Out-of-State Request for Return of Firearms and Disclaimer form and signed copy of the Property Record shall be appended to the Station copy of the Property Record.
  53. When should an Incident Report/Incident Report-Part II, shall be completed in lieu of assignment report when a found firearm(s) is surrendered?
    When the person is not the lawful owner When the person is not believed to be the lawful owner through database checks or other documentation.
  54. When accepting firearms at a PSP facility a member shall take which of the following actions:
    Pull an incident number for Lost and Found – FirearmsRun a CLEAN/NCIC check on the firearm and personComplete a property record and a firearms release and a Surrendered Firearm Release form
  55. Once a firearm is accepted at a PSP facility, under what conditions should it be sent to the laboratory to be test fired?
    When the firearm is believed to be used in a crime or turned in under suspicious circumstances.
  56. TRUE or FALSE? Ammunition should be accepted if someone decides they want to get rid of it at a PSP facility?
  57. When the disposal of “unwanted ammunitions” is to be completed, the disposal of this ammunition will be coordinated with the Bureau of Emergency and Special Operations, HDES.   True/False
  58. In the event that hazardous materials are received that are considered to have evidentiary value, the Troop Commander or the Bureau/Office Director shall contact the appropriate attorney for the Commonwealth and request they obtain an order from the Court of Record for destruction of the hazardous materials.   True/False
  59. With respect to the aforementioned question, a videotape shall be made of the destruction of such evidence. This videotape shall be retained   for:
    As long as the original retention would dictate.
  60. Beer or soda kegs not being held as evidence shall be disposed of immediately. The Custodial Officer shall locate a distributor that will issue a security deposit check to:
    the commonwealth of pa
  61. When evidence of an oversized nature is received that causes a storage problem, the following person should be contacted to request a disposition:
    the Director, Bureau of Staff Services
  62. All of the following can be done with non-escheatable property with value EXCEPT: (PG34)
    Donated to anyone that meet certain criteria
  63. TRUE OR FALSE: Concerning Disposition of Firearms, a PICS check must be completed in all cases.
  64. After a PICS check is approved and received, a firearm must be transferred within___ amount of time or another background check will be required to ensure Firearms eligibility.
    48 hours
  65. TRUE or FALSE: Prohibited persons (from possessing firearms) can transfer a Firearm(s) to members of their household.
  66. Which one is not a suiteable method for the Destruction of Property? (PG38)
    Throwing item in dumpster at Station
  67. The following are examples of property that will be accepted by the Bureau of Unclaimed Property, Pennsylvania State Treasury regardless of value: Pick the type of item, which will not be accepted.
    Weapons (handguns, rifles, shotguns, sawed-off rifles and shotguns, machine guns, automatic weapons, tear gas pistols, starter pistols and knives).
  68. True/False   All weapons should be sent to the Contract Inventory Control Unit, Procurement and Supply Division, Bureau of Staff Services regardless of their value including handguns, rifles, shotguns, sawed-off rifles and shotguns, machine guns, automatic weapons, tear gas pistols, starter pistols, and knives.
  69. Anyone wishing to turn in an unwanted firearm(s) or long gun(s) shall not be turned away from a PSP installation, provided they comply with the requirements of this regulation. The member shall complete a Surrendered Firearms Release, Form SP 4-158 (Appendage C), and have the individual who is turning in the firearm(s) sign the release. Select the answer that is not true.
    Members shall attempt to verify ownership of the firearm through FSADM.
  70. True/False   Upon request of the owner, the Department will transfer possession of a firearm to a licensed firearm dealer of the owner’s choosing, using the PSP In State Request for Return of Firearms and Disclaimer
  71. Review of the Weapons/Equipment Locker Inventory log on a ______ basis.
  72. Weapons/Equipment Maintenance log shall be prepared each month to document weapons maintenance, and a separate Weapon/Equipment Maintenance log shall be prepared each ____ to document equipment maintenance.
  73. TRUE/FALSE All Department Shotguns and Rifles shall be thoroughly cleaned, lubricated, and inspected at least once per month by a Department FI
  74. Completed Weapon/Equipment Locker Inventory logs shall be retained for ____ from the date of the last entry.
    One Year
  75. Weapons/Equipment Maintenance logs shall be retained ______?
    2 years

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