Zoonotic Dz- Intro

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  1. What are the 5 essential elements of infectious disease transmission?
    agent/pathogen, host, reservoir, escape from reservoir, portal of entry into host
  2. What is the epidemiological triad?
    pathogen/agent, host, environment
  3. Ability of organism to penetrate and reproduce in a host; does not imply disease.
  4. How do you determine infectivity?
    infected/exposed; proportion of individuals exposed to the agent that become infected
  5. Ability of an organism to cause disease.
  6. How do you determine pathogenicity?
    disease/infected; proportion of infected individuals that develop clinical disease
  7. Ability of organism to cause severe disease or death.
  8. How do you determine virulence?
    severely disease/diseased; proportion of diseased individuals that develop severe disease
  9. Maintains the infection in the endemic state.
    natural host
  10. Does not normally transmit the agent.
    dead-end host
  11. Supports rapid multiplication of the agent.
    amplifier host
  12. Where the infectious agent normally lives and multiplies; serves as a common source of infection.
  13. Spread through contact with open wounds, mucous membranes, or abraded skin contacting an infected animal or its tissues or fluids.
    direct contact
  14. What are two methods of indirect contact?
    vehicle or vector
  15. What are 3 vehicles for indirect trasmission of infectious disease?
    fomites, oral ingestion of contaminated food or water, biologic products (blood, organs, semen)
  16. Vector-borne diseases are transmitted by _________; two types of vectors are...
    blood-sucking arthropod; mechanical vectors and biological vectors
  17. Vector in which there is no multiplication or development of the agent.
    mechanical vector
  18. Vector in which there is multiplication or development of the agent.
    biological vector
  19. What are the groups with the highest risk for contraction of infectious disease?
    young, old, pregnant, immune-compromised
  20. What are physiologic factors of acquired immunodeficiencies?
    malnutrition, extremes of age, pregnancy
  21. What are 5 causes or acquired immunodeficiencies?
    physiologic factors (malnutrition, age, preg), infectious disease (HIV), metabolic disease (diabetes), transplants (organs, blood), drugs (radiation, steroids)
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