intro into pediatrics

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  1. change in the level of activity
    • indicates something is wrong
    • circulatory or neurological impairment
  2. organ development is immature meaning
    • they are not as effective
    • ex: kidneys excrete more wasting K and NA
  3. Infant
    • 0-18mo
    • Trust vs mistrust : feeding
  4. trust vs mistrust
    positive bonding relationships vs what baby wants is no longer on tap
  5. infants developmental stage
    • plays with rattles, baby toys, nursery rhymes
    • afraid of strangers
  6. Toddler
    • 18mo-3yrs
    • autonomy vs shame: toilet training
  7. autonomy vs shame
    tantrums develop the this is me and this the the world.
  8. toddler developmental stage
    • egocentric: cognitive. only able to see the world in one (their) way.
    • Parallel play
    • copy circles
    • balance
    • blocks
    • large balls
    • stuffed animals
  9. Preschool
    • 3-6yrs
    • initiative vs guilt: exploration
  10. initiative vs guilt
    asserting control / you should know better
  11. preschool developmental stage
    • children draw and have conversations with dolls and form of communicating
    • gender awareness
    • cooperative play
    • large blocks
    • musical toys
    • safety scissors
  12. school age
    • 6-11yrs
    • industry vs inferiority: school
  13. industry vs inferiority
    Mozart / quitter
  14. school age developmental stage
    • board games
    • card games
    • playhouse
    • dramatic
    • knows names, dates, and can group objects
    • cognitive: thin glass / fat glass (conservation)
  15. adolescent
    • 11-18yrs
    • identity vs role confusion : social relationships
  16. adolescent developmental stage
    • peer relationships are most important
    • sexual identity and accept changing body image
    • top 3 causes of death are injuries, homicide, and suicide

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