AR 7 Traffic and Crime

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  1. What report shall be used to document the receipt, transmittal and attempts of service for all warrants received by the department:
    Due Diligence Report.
  2. Section and Station Commanders shall designate a Noncommissioned Officer to ensure the Central Warrant File is spot-checked at least:
  3. The Central Warrant File Verification Report shall be utilized to record the date and time of each spot check and shall be maintained in the front of the Central warrant File until all blocks are completely filled. Completed forms shall be retained in the rear of the Central Warrant File for a period of:
    Three months after the date of the last entry.
  4. True/False-Warrants which have been temporarily removed from the file for service, but are not served, shall be returned to the file as soon as practicable, but no later than the completion of the serving member’s tour of duty, and prior to departure from the Station.
  5. True/False-Whenever an issuing authority notifies the Department that partial payments have been accepted on a warrant, it shall be removed from the file and returned.
  6. True/False All warrants no matter if they are Intrastate Service, Interstate Service or Special Handling situations shall be maintained alphabetically in the Central Warrant File at the originating Station?
  7. Which of the following is not true?
    • a.The due diligence warrant service reports shall be prepared by the prosecuting officer.
    • b. The original copy of the due diligence warrant service report shall be maintained in the Central Warrant File.
    • c. The prosecuting officer shall generate an Incident memo to forward with the due diligence warrant to the Station serving the warrant.
    • d. The prosecuting officer shall consult with the issuing authority to determine if a warrant will be reissued.
    • e. Both b and c.
  8. True/False CLEAN messages shall be sent requesting the recall of warrants?
  9. It is the policy of the Pennsylvania State Police to honor requests for warrant service from law enforcement agencies outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania only when received via:
    • CLEAN message
    • USPS
  10. Upon receipt at the originating station, the ____________ shall ensure the completed Due Diligence of Warrant Service Report is attached to the applicable investigative report, citation, or TRACS Traffic Citation Adjudication Report and filed.
    Prosecuting officer
  11. True or False. Requests for warrant service shall be honored for individuals not entered into NCIC.
  12. True or False. In the absence of the prosecuting officer, the supervisor designated to verify the accuracy of the Central Warrant File shall ensure the CLEAN message is transmitted requesting recall of a warrant.
  13. True or False. Whenever a detainer is lodged with any institution located within Pennsylvania for an individual wanted by the PSP, copies of all correspondence relating to the detainer shall be submitted with the applicable investigative report.
  14. For a Due Diligence of Warrant Service Report, if the defendant’s ____________________ photo is available to the originating Station member, it shall be attached to the transmittal.
    • JNET
    • CPIN
  15. True or False. The Due Diligence of Warrant Service Report, Form SP 6-401, may be completed in pencil as long as the writing is legible.
  16. In block #59 of the Due Diligence of Warrant Service Report, Certification of Service, who is required to sign?
    The member who serves the warrant
  17. Traffic and criminal arrest warrants shall be maintained __________ alphabetically in the same file, by the ________________.
    together, defendant’s last name
  18. How often shall the Central Warrant File be spot checked for accuracy?
  19. True or False: To ensure the integrity of the Central Warrant File, the supervisor responsible for Central Warrant File verification shall ensure warrants are placed into the file as soon as their validity is ascertained.
  20. True or False: It is the policy of the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) to honor requests for warrant service from law enforcement agencies outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania only when received via CLEAN Message or the USPS.
  21. True or False All requests for escorts, relays and assignments of members as security/drivers shall have members assigned to these activities only when a clear and definite need exists.
  22. Spent nuclear fuel and other radiological materials shipped to, within, through or across boundaries of the Commonwealth shall be escorted by:
  23. True or False The immediate need for blood/medicine constitutes a valid emergency situation which would merit a PSP Department relay.
  24. It is the custom of the Department to assign members as drivers and provide security for:
    • Governor and Lieutenant Governor
    • Cabinet Members
    • Justices of the Supreme and Superior Courts of the Commonwealth
  25. True or False Escorts for businesses and banks shall not be provided for the routine transfer of currency, unless the Department is directly responsible for the secure transport of the currency.
  26. When a fugitive has been apprehended operating a motor vehicle that has been stolen out of state, _______ will be sent to the Director, Bureau of Criminal Investigation.
    a CLEAN message
  27. __________________ having jurisdiction over the theft of the vehicle shall be notified when a fugitive is taken into custody.
    The police agency and the FBI
  28. When correspondence is sent to the Director of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, it shall contain:
    • Name, address, and date of birth of the fugitive.
    • Make, model, type, and year of the vehicle.
    • Public and hidden VIN number, if known.

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