Cdl passenger transport

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  1. Which of these statements about managing space to the sides of your bus is true?
    C. When you should avoid traveling next to others when possible.
  2. When you discharge an unruly rider, you should choose a place that is
    C. As safe as possible
  3. A bus may carry baggage and freight only if secured so
    D. All of the above are true
  4. Which of these should be considered a hazard
    D. All of the above
  5. You are driving at night and you must dim your headlights from high to low. What should you do with your speed?
    A. Slow down
  6. If your bus has an emergency exit door, it must
    A. Be closed when operating the bus
  7. Which of these will result in the best control on curves
    B. Slow to a safe slpped before entering curves, then accelerate slightly through the curves
  8. when should you check your mirrors for a lane change
    D. All of the above
  9. buses may have recapped or regrooved tires
    A. Anywhere except the front wheels
  10. which of these statements about speed management and braking is true
    B. You need about four times as much stopping distance at 40 mph as at 20 mph
  11. Which of the following types of cargo can never be carried on a bus?
    B. Irritating materials or tear gas
  12. to stop for railroad tracks, a bus driver should stop ___ to ___ feet before the nearest track
    C. 15-50
  13. Which of the following lists the three type of emergency equipment that you must have on your bus?
    C. Fire extinguisher, spare electric fuse unless equipment with circuit breakers, reflectors
  14. your bus is disabled. The bus, with riders aboard, may be towed or pushed to a safe spot to discharge the passengers only if
    B. Getting off the bus sooner would be unsafe
  15. It is best to wear your seatbelt
    A. All the times
  16. you are driving a 40 foot bus at 30 mph. The road is dry and visibility is good. You should keep a safety space in front of your bus that is at least ___ seconds.
    C. 4
  17. how many folding aisle seats are allowed in a bus that is not carrying farm workers?
    A. 0
  18. you should not let riders stand
    B. In front of the standee line
  19. you are driving on a slippery road during the day.  How much space does the Driver's manual say you should keep ahead of you
    D. All "much more space" than needed for ideal driving conditions
  20. if you have riders aboard, you should never fuel your bus
    B. In a closed building
  21. Which of these statements about seeing about seeing ahead is true
    B. Many drivers do not look far enough ahead
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