AR 8-10 Super loads and Oversize Escorts

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  1. It is the policy of the Department to utilize marked patrol vehicles in the escort of super load and selected oversize vehicles. The Pennsylvania State Police will escort super loads and selected oversize vehicles when which of the following conditions are met?
    • The load is a building in excess of 16 feet in width, and does not meet the requirements for exemption under 67 Pa. Code, Section 179.11(b).
    • The load is a super load, as defined by 67 Pa. Code, Chapter 179.
    • Movement of the load requires that a provision of 75 Pa.C.S. must be contravened.
  2. A Super Load is defined as a vehicle or combination or load having the following characteristics:
    • gross weight exceeding 201,000 pounds
    • a total length exceeding 160 feet
    • a total width exceeding 16 feet
  3. The Bureau of Patrol shall notify affected Troops via CLEAN Message pertaining to a permitted move. Which of the following statements shall be included in the CLEAN Message:
    • The date and time that the movement is scheduled to begin.
    • The number of members, per assigned Troop, that are authorized to be utilized on overtime to escort the permitted vehicle.
    • A copy of the Special Hauling Permit has been sent, via fax, to each specific Station assigned to the move.
  4. True or False. Prior to commencement of the permitted move, members shall check the permit to ensure its validity.
  5. True or False. At the point of origin within the Commonwealth, one or more Motor Carrier Inspectors (MCIs), Motor Carrier Enforcement Officers (MCEOs), or Motor Carrier Enforcement Supervisors (MCESs) shall be assigned to inspect and measure the permitted vehicle(s).
  6. True or False. Whenever possible, based on availability, the permitted vehicle and load shall be weighed by members of a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Team in conjunction with the Level 1 MCSAP inspection.
  7. True or False. Super load weighing and inspection activities by MCEOs and MCESs shall only be conducted when accompanied by an MCI or other enlisted member. This requirement shall not apply to weighing and inspection activities conducted at the facility of either a shipper or motor carrier.
  8. In accordance with the provisions of 67 Pa. Code, Chapter 179, the PennDOT Chief Engineer or Central Permit Office, or the Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Patrol may exempt an oversize or overweight move from travel restrictions when which of the following conditions exist:
    • Essential to the national defense.
    • Required for the protection of life and property.
  9. (TRUE or FALSE): Escorts of super load movements shall be conducted by members on an overtime basis, unless otherwise directed during assignment by the Bureau of Patrol.
  10. With prior approval of the Bureau of Patrol, multiple moves of pre stressed concrete bridge beams, consisting of one or two beams departing from the manufacturer to a Pennsylvania destination, may be escorted by ___________ marked patrol vehicle.

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