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  1. In order for the PA Amber Alert Plan to be activated, the following minimum criteria must be met:
    • The abducted person must be a child under the age of 18.
    • Law enforcement must be satisfied that the abducted child is in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death.
  2. As defined by AR 9-3, an act by a person who removes or confines a child and by such act places the child in imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death is a/an ________________.
    Child abduction
  3. Who ultimately has the final decision in the activation or deactivation of the Amber Alert Plan?
    Supervisor of the Criminal Investigation Assessment/Missing Person Unit
  4. Once a decision is made to activate an Amber Alert how is this process initiated?
    Contact the Department Watch Center to initiate the alert
  5. When shall the abducted child be entered into CLEAN/NCIC?
    Upon receiving all information from first responding officer and notifying the DWC via telephone
  6. Once the DWC is contacted to activate an Amber Alert who do they then contact?
    Amber Alert State CoordinatorThe on-call PA Amber Alert Designee
  7. AR 9-18 defines a victim as.
    • A person against whom a crime is being or has been perpetrated or attempted.
    • A parent or legal guardian of a child so victimized.
    • The immediate family member or legal guardian of a homicide victim.
  8. True/False. Notification Responsibilities of Local Law Enforcement Agencies: Act 114 of 1979 requires that State and Local law enforcement agencies notify victims of Pennsylvania Crime Victim’s Compensation Program in writing.
  9. Probable Cause Arrest in Domestic Violence Cases: Act 10 of 1986 requires police officers to:
    Notify victims of domestic violence of the availability of services and shelters and of their right to file a petition for an order for protection from domestic abuse.
  10. True/False: the AR 9-18 definition of a “Witness” includes defense witnesses or perpetrators and accomplices of the related crime.
  11. True/False: It is the responsibility of the Troop Commander to ensure appropriate assistance is provided to victims and witnesses who have been threatened or who express specific, credible reasons for fearing intimidation or further victimization.
  12. Members conducting preliminary or supplemental investigations shall do which of the following?
    • Issue the Victim/Witness Assistance Guide
    • Inform victims and witnesses of the incident number
    • Ensure victims and witnesses are provided notice of the apprehension of a suspect.
  13. True/False. Communication-Desk Unit personnel shall provide at the least the following information to victims and witnesses between the victimization and preliminary investigation states of an incident: the 24-hours emergency telephone number of the applicable station and when exigent or other circumstances significantly delay a member’s arrival at an incident scene, a description of the victim and witness assistance services provided by the Department.
  14. An arresting officer shall, within ___ hours of arrest, forward fingerprints to the PSPCR.
  15. Generally fingerprints need to be forwarded to the Central Repository with in ________.
    48 hours
  16. The Department has replaced the Troop-assigned Originating Agency Case Number (OCA) on Pennsylvania State Police arrest and Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprint cards with the___________.
    The Incident Number
  17. In what cases will a juvenile’s fingerprints be forwarded to the FBI for retention?
    When the juvenile is being treated as an adult
  18. When all charges are dismissed at a preliminary hearing, the arresting officer shall ensure the defendant has been fingerprinted, or if not request the issuing authority to require the defendant to submit to fingerprinting. True/False
  19. When a complaint is refiled the arresting officer shall AGAIN have the defendant fingerprinted. True/False

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