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  1. The following governmental agencies have been assigned statutory authority to respond to the scenes and perform various roles, e.g., the following agencies can reasonable be expected to respond to hazardous material (hazmat) accidents on Pennsylvania highways:
    • Department of Environmental Protection.
    • Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.
    • Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.
  2. Federal Emergency Management Agency defines ICS as: “An incident management system consisting of procedures for organizing personnel, facilities, equipment, and communications at the scene of an emergency.” True/False
  3. For police incidents falling within the primary jurisdiction of the Department, the highest ranking Department member at the scene shall assume the role of Incident Commander. However, to ensure command continuity, the temporary involvement of a higher ranking member at the scene will automatically require that member to assume the role of Incident Commander. True/False
  4. A single command involving one person may be used when there is no overlap of jurisdictional boundaries or when a single commander is designated by the agency with overall management responsibility for the incident. This person is normally referred to as the Incident Commander. True/False
  5. ICS does not require all plans to address strategic goals and tactical objectives. True/False
  6. What is the first priority for any emergency incident?
    Incident Stabilization
  7. Who is responsible for maintaining files of all incident command exercises conducted within the Department?
    Director, Office of Domestic Security
  8. The Resource Unit is located within what section of the Incident Command Structure?
    The Planning Section
  9. Which section within the Incident Command Structure is responsible for the management of all tactical operations at an incident?
    Operations Section
  10. The ________________ is responsible for providing facilities, services, and materials to sustain the incident response.
    The Logistics Section
  11. Which of the following terms describes a written agreement between law enforcement agencies and School Districts?
    MOU Memorandum of Understanding
  12. Which type of incident does the MOU address between the Department and schools when it takes place on school property?
    • Act of violence
    • Possession of a weapon
  13. When and how can the MOU be amended?
    At any time by written consent of the parties
  14. Which of the following terms describes knowledge of all factors that may or may not contribute to an incident?
    Situational Awareness
  15. Situational Awareness reporting shall occur immediately and include which of the following?
    • Unusual occurrences
    • Impassible roadways
    • Significant traffic backlogs

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