Chapter 1

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  1. Law
    Describing things that are consistently and reproductive observed
  2. Hypothesis
    A tentative explanation (educated guess)
  3. Experiment
  4. Theory
    An experimentally tested explanation of an observed behavior
  5. Physical Properties
    Those characteristics that can be determined without changing the chemical composition of matter (what it is made of).
  6. Physical Change
    • Change in which the chemical composition of matter is not altered.
    • Converting matter between states (boiling water, melting iron).
  7. Chemical Composition
  8. Matter
    Anything that has mass and occupies space.
  9. Energy
    The ability to do work and to transfer heat.
  10. Solid
    Have fixed shapes and volumes
  11. Liquid
    Have variable shapes and fixed volumes
  12. Gas
    Have variable shapes and volumes
  13. Potential Energy
    • Stored energy.
    • Dam holding water
  14. Kinetic Energy
    • The energy of motion
    • Potential energy is converted in to kinetic.
    • Dam releasing water
  15. Metric
    Measurement system used worldwide
  16. Common
    System used in US
  17. SI units
    International system related to the metric
  18. Conversion Factor
  19. Scientific Notation
  20. Chemistry
    The branch of science involved with the study of matter and the changes that it undergoes
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