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  1. lawn substitute, spring blooms, native, corymb, medical, 14"

    Achillea millefolium, Yarrow
  2. smaller than it's common version, 8", corymb, silver leaf, neater, less veriety of colors

    Achillea clavennae, Greek yarrow
  3. 18" rice like, fine texture

    Achnatherum hymenoides, Indian rice grass
  4. center painted white, it's leaves make dents on neighboring leaves

    Agave americana 'Medio Picta Alba', Medio Picta Alba agave
  5. light spines, 3' 15' stalk (spider agave??)

    Agave bracteosa, Candelabrum agave
  6. very sharp

    Agave deserti, Desert agave
  7. suject to rust, butterflies and hummngbirds, short lived perenial in this area, originated in china, zones 2-10, June -august

    Alcea rosea, Hollyhocks
  8. Aloe plicatilis, Fan aloe
  9. white flower with leaves that are green with white edge, grows from cluster of tubers, alternate leaves that are resupinate

    Alstromeria aurantiaca, Perubian lily
  10. smoke-able, coe in groundcover/ shrubs/ trees, urn shaped flower, februar, spring, common on street dividers

    Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, kinnikinnick or bear beary or manzanita

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PLant ID Herbaceous group 1
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