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  1. abberation
    something (such as a problem or a type of behavior) that is unusual or unexpected
  2. abound
    to be present in large numbers or in great quantity
  3. abstemious
    not eating and drinking too much
  4. abut
    to touch along an edge
  5. accredit
    • to say that something is good enough to be given official approval;
    • to give (someone) credit for something
  6. accrue
    • to increase in value or amount gradually as time passes : to grow or build up slowly; 
    • to come to or be given to someone
  7. acumen
    the ability to think clearly and make good decisions
  8. affable
    friendly and easy to talk to
  9. affidavit
    law : a written report which is signed by a person who promises that the information is true
  10. affiliate
    to closely connect (something or yourself) with or to something (such as a program or organization) as a member or partner
  11. affluent
    wealthy, abundant, plentiful
  12. alacrity
    prompt or eager action, readiness, willingness
  13. alienate
    to lose the affection of; to make unfriendly
  14. allege
    to assert without proof, to claim
  15. alleviate
    to calm, to ease suffering of the body or mind
  16. ambiguous
    having more than one possible meaning, not clear; obscure
  17. amnesty
    a general pardon, especially for political prisoners
  18. anagram
    a word or phrase formed from another by changing the order of letters
  19. analogy
    a likeness between different things; a similarity
  20. anneal
    to toughen glass or metal by heating and slowly cooling; to strenghten
  21. anthropolgy
    the study of the physical, cultural, and social development and behavior of the humanity
  22. antipathy
    a strong or fixed dislike
  23. apprehensive
    afraid; anxious; worried that some misfortune may occur
  24. apprise
    to inform; to notify; to give notice to
  25. arbiter
    a person chosen to decide a dispute; a judge
  26. archaic
    no longer in use; old fashioned; ancient
  27. aroma
    a pleasant often spicy fragrance, a distinctive odor
  28. artifice
    skill; a clever device; a trick
  29. ascertain
    to find out; to determine; to learn through research
  30. assiduous
    careful and attentive; persevering
  31. atrocious
    wicked or cruell exceedingly bad; abominable
  32. augury
    the practice of telling the future by signs or omens
  33. axiom
    a statement assumed to be true; a self-evident truth; an established principle
  34. balmy
    mild and pleasant; soothing
  35. bandy
    to toss back and forth; to exchange; to discuss lightly
  36. bauble
    a showy trifle of little value; a useless toy or trinket
  37. bedlam
    uproar or confusion
  38. beneficient
    kind; charitable; doing good
  39. bestride
    to straddle
  40. botch
    to spoil by poor work; to bungle; a poor piece of work
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