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  1. To know the APP is on what lights come on?
    • #1 rectifier
    • #2 rectifier
    • #1 generator
    • #3 generator
  2. Four manual aborts?
    • No RPM indication
    • No clutch engagement
    • High EGT of 621
    • Hung start (after 4 seconds)
  3. Protective circuit breakers for the APP?
    • High EGT of 621c
    • Overspeed of 110%
    • Low oil pressure of 6+-1
  4. APP gets its fuel from where?
    #2 RIGHT fuel cell at 80-180 PPH
  5. Where does the heater get its fuel from?
    #2 LEFT fuel cell at 54 PPH
  6. What are the rotor break pressures?
    • Rotor brake pressure light - 10 psi
    • Rotor Positioner - 40 psi
    • Soft break -350 psi
    • Rotor break on/lock - 975 psi
  7. What circuit breakers do you need to pull before starting the app?
    Engine igniters, pitot heat, anti-ice
  8. How many people do you need to fire the APP?
    1 qualified app turner, someone to stand the fire bottle, someone to stand long cord.
  9. What do you in case of hydraulic chatter?
    Motor the engine you preflighted.
  10. What do you do if you get relay chatter?
    Cycle the #1 and #3 generators (one at a time!)
  11. What is the RPM of the APP?
    61,248 rpm
  12. What is the RPM of the APP DRIVESHAFT?
    8,261 RPM
  13. When do you have clutch engagement?
    92% RPM and 204c
  14. What are the number 1 and number 2 accumulators nitrogen precharges?
    1650 +- 50
  15. When do you have fire DETECTION?
    at 92% rpm
  16. When do you NOT have  fire detection?
    under 92% rpm
  17. What is the difference between the APP fire T-handle and the engine fire t-handle?
    The APP t handle is mechanically engaged while the engine t handles are electrically actuated.
  18. With the APP placed on EMER what protective circuit breaker can not be bypassed?
    Overspeed of 110%
  19. Who can authorize the APP to be put in EMER?
    The MO or higher.
  20. What are the 11 master caution lights requiring an immediate shutdown?
    • AGB oil hot
    • AGB chip
    • AGB low oil
    • U1 oil hot
    • U1 pressure
    • U1 qty
    • 2nd oil hot
    • 2nd pressure
    • 2nd qty
    • U2 qty
    • U2 hot
  21. What can cause relay chatter?
    Relay chatter can be caused by leaving the generators on when shutting off the app.
  22. What can cause hydraulic chatter?
    Is caused by air in the hydraulic lines.
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