PSY 161 CH. 2

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  1. Frequency distribution
    an organized tabulation of the number of individuals located in each category on the scale of measurement from highest to lowest

    1. shows if scores are high or low

    2. shows if scores are concentrated in one area or spread out across an entire scale

    3. provides an organized picture of the data

    4. allows to see the location of any individual score relative to all of the other scores in the set

    can be a table/graph which will show:

    1. the set of categories that make up the original measurement scale

    2. a record of the frequency, or number of individuals in each category
  2. Symmetrical distribution
    in this type of distribution, it is possible to draw a vertical line through the middle so that one side of the distribution is a mirror image of the other
  3. Skewed distribution
    in this type of distribution, the scores tend to pile up toward one end of the scale and taper off gradually at the other end
  4. Tail of the distribution
    the section where the scores taper off
  5. Positively skewed
    a skewed distribution with the tail on the right-hand side because the tail points toward the positive (above-zero) end of the X-axis
  6. Negatively skewed
    a skewed distribution with the tail on the left-hand side
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