Community Policing & Crime Reduction

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  1. Without strong policies and training in place rooted in an understating of procedural justice, what can police intervention easily devolve into?
    Racial profiling, excessive use of force and other practices that disregard civil rights.
  2. What are the two key element of community policing that are vital to protecting residents of crimes that plague their community?
    Mutual trust and cooperation
  3. Community policing not only improves public safety but also?
    Enhances social connectivity and economic strength which increases community resilience to crime
  4. What does community policing combine through problem solving with building collaborative partnerships between law enforcement agencies and schools, social services are other stakeholders?
    Focus on intervention and prevention
  5. According to Camden County NJ Police Chief, when does community policing starts?
    On the street corner with respectful interaction between an officer and local resident
  6. According to New Jersey Police Chief, it is important that not all interactions be based on what?
    Emergency calls or criminal investigations
  7. How can community policing build active positive relationships with members of the community?
    By assigning officers to geographic areas on consistent basis so they have the opportunity to know the members of the community
  8. How does Eagle County Colorado Law Enforcement Immigrant Advisory Committee aide in community policing?
    Requires participation in community organizations, local meeting and public service activities
  9. To be most effective, community policing also requires
    Collaborative partnerships with agencies beyond law enforcement which significantly reduced the number of arrests of minority youths for minor offenses
  10. What is another key element of community policing which is critical to prevention.
    Problem solving
  11. Office of Community Oriented Policing Services Director Ronald L. Davis states?
    "We need to teach new recruits that law enforcement is more than just cuffing ‘perps’—it’s understanding why people do what they do.
  12. Absence of crime is not the final goal of law enforcement, rather
    it is the promotion and protection of public safety
  13. It is critical to help community members see police as
    Allies rather than as an occupying force and to work in concert with other community
  14. What are equally important components of the successful infusion of community policing throughout an organization.
    hiring, training, evaluating, and promoting officers based on their ability and track record in community engagement
  15. What should be the vision of policing in the 21st century
    should be that of officers as guardians of human and constitutional rights
  16. Proactive and positive youth interactions with police has the opportunity to create
    Coaching, mentoring, and diversion into constructive alternative activities.
  17. How can noncriminal offenses escalate to criminal charges
    when officers are not trained in child and adolescent development and are unable to recognize and manage a child’s emotional, intellectual, and physical development issues
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