Cattle- Post-Partum Dz

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  1. What factors predispose cows to retained fetal membranes? (10)
    induced labor, short gestation, abortion, twins, dysotcia, fetotomy, C-section, nutritional deficiencies, BVDv, immune suppressed
  2. Describe a primary RFM.
    lack of detachment from maternal caruncles
  3. Describe a secondary RFM.
    Mechanical difficulty expelling already detached fetal membranes
  4. RFM is defined as failure to expel the placenta within _______ of giving birth.
    12 hours
  5. What are pre-disposing factors to post-partum uterine infection? (6)
    RFM, dystocia, twins, fat/thin, urea feeding, large herd
  6. What are the categories of post-partum uterine infection?
    metritis, clinical endometritis, subclinical endometritis
  7. What is the major caveat to subclinical endometritis?
    prolonged calving interval
  8. What is the most common etiologic agent of post-partum uterine infection?
    T. pyogenes
  9. 3 gram-negative bacteria that cause post-partum uterine infection.
    Fusobacterium necrophorum, Bacteroides melaningenicus, E. coli
  10. Distinguish b/w metritis and endometritis.
    metritis- all uterine layers; endometritis- only endometrium
  11. How long after giving birth does metritis occur?
    w/i 21 days, usually less than 10 days
  12. What are clinical signs of metritis? (5)
    enlarged uterus, red/watery/fetid d/c, inappetence, increase HR, low milk
  13. What are the grades of metritis?
    • Grade 1- enlarged uterus, purulent d/c, not sick
    • Grade 2- grade 1+ low milk, fever
    • Grade 3- toxemia, cold extremities, down
  14. What are the signs of clinical and subclinical endometritis.
    • clinical- same as metritis
    • subclinical- inflammation of endometrium, decreased repro performance
  15. During the recovering phase of subclinical endometritis, there are _________ in uterine lavage at 5 weeks post-partum.
    5.5%-10% neutrophils
  16. What are controversial txt for uterine infections?
    IU infusions, hormone therapy (PG), IU 50% dextrose (hyperosmolality)
  17. What systemic antibiotics are used to treat uterine infections?
    penicillin, Ceftiofur (Exceed- MUST give second dose 72hr later in other ear), oxytet
  18. Describe the use of hormone therapy to treat uterine infections.
    oxytocin- aids uterine contractions for 48-72hr, PG- txt of choice for pyometra, dump shot
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