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  1. Mean adjective
    • 1 - Not generous (with money etc)
    • mezquino, tacaño, agarrado

    He’s very mean (with his money / over pay).

    • 2 -  Likely or intending to cause harm or annoyance
    • mezquino, malo

    It is mean to tell lies.

    • 3 - (especially American) bad-tempered, vicious or cruel
    • malo, malhumorado

    a mean mood.

    • 4- (of a house etc) of poor quality; humble
    • humilde, pobre

    a mean dwelling.

    • Meanly adverb
    • De forma mezquina

    She meanly tricked him out of the money.

    • Meanness noun
    • ›tacañería, mezquinidad

    • meanie noun ( meany)
    • › (slang) a mean, bad and selfish person.
    • Mala persona

    Don’t be such a meanie!
  2. Mean verb 
    • /miːn/
    • (past tense, past participle meant /ment/)

    • 1- to (intend to) express, show or indicate
    • querer decir

    ’Bleu’ means ’blue’ in French

    What do you mean by (saying/doing) that?

    • 2 - to intend
    • tener la intención, tener pensado

    I meant to go to the exhibition but forgot

    For whom was that letter meant?

    He means (= is determined) to be a rich man some day.

    • 3. meaning noun
    • › the sense in which a statement, action, word etc is (intended to be) understood

    sentido, significado

    What is the meaning of this phrase?

    What is the meaning of his behaviour?

    • 4.meaningful adjective
    • › (often used loosely) important in some way
    • significativo
    • a meaningful statement/relationship.

    • 5. meaningless adjective
    • › without meaning or reason; of no importance
    • sin sentido

    meaningless chatter.

    • be meant to›
    • to be required or supposed; to have to
    • suponer, deber, tener que

    The child is meant to be asleep!

    • 6. mean well
    • › to have good intentions
    • tener buenas intenciones

    He meant well by what he said.
  3. Means (plural noun)
    means noun plural /miːnz/

    • 1. money available or necessary for living etc
    • medios de vida, recursos económicos, ingresos

    She’s a person of considerable means.

    • 2. a man of means noun
    • › a wealthy or rich man.
    • un hombre con dinero, un hombre acaudalado
  4. Means (Singular or plural noun)
    • 1. the instrument(s), method(s) etc by which a thing is, or may be, done or made to happen
    • medio, manera

    By what means can we find out?

    • all means
    • › yes, of course
    • naturalmente, por supuesto

    If you want to use the telephone, by all means do.

    • 3. by means of
    • › using
    • por medio de, mediante

    We escaped by means of a secret tunnel.

    • 4. by no means
    • › definitely not
    • de ninguna manera

    ’Can I go home now?’ ’By no means!

    • › (also not by any means) not at all
    • de ningún modo

    I’m by no means certain to win.
  5. Ways and means
    • ways and means noun plural
    • › methods, especially of providing money
    • medios

    There are various ways and means of finding out the truth.
  6. beyond one’s means
    • too expensive(ly)
    • por encima de las posibilidades de uno

    A painting by Picasso is beyond my means.

    He lives well beyond his means (= he spends more money than he earns).
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