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  1. How many categories are there for the effective implementation of the "Exposure Control Plan?
    • Six
    • Department Head
    • Department
    • Infection Control Officer
    • Risk Manager
    • Approved Healthcare Center (I.C.O.) Supervisors
    • City Employees
  2. Who serves as chairman of the citywide Exposure Control Team.
    Risk Manager
  3. Who as the overall responsibility for enforcement and compliance with the plan and shall review or update the E.C.P. annually
    Department Head
  4. Who maintain a list of job classifications with occupational exposure and update annually or as necessary, to reflect new or modified job tasks with occupational exposure.
    Risk Manager
  5. Assists the Infection Control Officer by investigating and reporting employee occupational exposures and assists the department head with enforcement and compliance as necessary
    Department Infection Control Officer
  6. How many methods of compliance does the police department addresses to effectively minimize employee exposure to airborne/bloodborne pathogens

    • Universal Precautions
    • SOPs for Persons, Vehicles and Stations Exposed to Infectious/Communicable Diseases
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Housekeeping Procedures
  7. When are the methods of compliance reviewed with employees?
    During orientation training, in-service continuing education training and through departmental Standard Operating Procedures.
  8. What practice is used to prevent contact with human blood and other potentially infectious material.
    "Universal Precautions"
  9. If an employee is exposed to a sharp object between the hours of 0800-1630, what should occur?
    The sharps will be transported by a supervisor or designee directly to the Environmental Health Department
  10. If a sharps exposure occurs at after hours, what should occur?
    The sharps will be transported and placed into the FLPD Evidence Unit’s refrigerator
  11. How will the exposed employee be notified of testing results?
    Once the results are obtained, the Evidence Unit will make the proper notification(s). The sealed results shall be delivered to the tested employee as soon as practical.
  12. If the jewelry has been contaminated, wash them in what percentage of bleach to water
    10% bleach to water solution.
  13. What are regulated waste
    Those items known or suspected to have come in contact with blood, body fluids or tissues
  14. What should happen if the police equipment be so contaminated?
    A supervisor should be advised and the equipment placed in either a clear or white plastic bag and labeled for destruction
  15. Designated biohazard waste sites
    • FLPD sally port
    • ALL Fort Lauderdale Fire Stations
    • All Hospital Emergency rooms
  16. What does a Personal protective equipment (P.P.E.) consist of?
    • High risk/Hypoallergenic Gloves
    • Disposable gowns
    • Face Shields/masks
    • Safety Glasses/goggles
    • Pocket Masks/shields
    • Sharps container
    • Red "Biohazard" bag
    • Viroshield (non-physical barrier
  17. Vaccinations will be made available after receipt of infectious diseases training and within how many days of initial assignment.
    10 days
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