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  1. O.M. 7-2 CHAPT 30 Block 47 of the NTC requires entry of the “Systems Code”. Which of the following is a correct entry?
    • Entering “1” for all Summary Crimes Code violations
    • Entering “2” for all Summary offenses other than the Crimes Code or Vehicle Code
  2. O.M. 7-2 CHAPT 30 which of the following is not a legitimate juvenile disposition code on a Non-Traffic citation?
    3- Found not guilty
  3. Victim/Witness information shall be placed in blocks 45-58 on all pages of the NTC except:
    Public Access Copy (Green)
  4. When a Non-Traffic Citation is voided, all copies shall be destroyed except what copy?
    Station/Final Disposition copy
  5. T/F When Block 49 (Attention LCE) is completed; the member shall notify the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement (LCE) via the PSPiNet by accessing the Intoxicating Source link found on the LCE web page.
  6. O.M. 7-2 CHAPT 30 The NTC serves as the preliminary investigative report, in lieu of an Incident Report/Incident Report- Part II, Forms SP 7-0050/0050A.
    • When a summary offense is committed and the victim or witness is present at the scene.
    • When a summary offense is committed in the presence of a member or enforcement officer.
    • A NTC is issued or subsequently filed within 24 hours
  7. True or False. When there is a likelihood that a violation, committed in the presence of a member or enforcement officer or a witness, is a borderline offense between a summary and a third-degree misdemeanor, a NTC may be prepared?
    False (An Incident Report/Incident Report- Part II shall be prepared in lieu of the NTC)
  8. How do you correct an error when preparing an NTC?
    If the error is fixable, a single line shall be drawn through the error and the correct information printed immediately above it.
  9. Block 29 Veteran Block is filled out why?
    Magisterial District Court Veterans Diversion Program
  10. A member conducting a consent search shall ensure that the Waiver of Rights and Consent to Search form is prepared:
    • after receiving consent
    • prior to the commencement of the search.
  11. True or false:An endeavor shall be made to secure the signature of at least one law enforcement or civilian witness who can attest that the contents of the form have been properly reviewed with the consenting subject.
  12. If the subject provides verbal consent but refuses to sign or complete the form, the member shall complete the CONSENTER block information and enter the phrase __________ in the line provided for the Consenter’s signature.
    Verbal Consent.
  13. The Waiver of Rights and Consent to Search form in an active investigation shall be.
    Attached to the Station copy of the appropriate investigative report.
  14. The purpose of the Victim/Witness Assistance Guide is to.
    • Provide a victim/witness of an investigated criminal incident with the information needed to contact the investigating member.
    • The guide shall furnish a notice of rights, as well as local services which are available to victims/witnesses of domestic violence/PFA order violations.
    • The guide provides victims/witnesses with information relating to crime victims' compensation to which they may be eligible.
  15. The Victim/Witness Assistance Guide shall be completed and issued by the member conducting the initial investigation and issued.
    At the scene
  16. Members shall request the victim/witness sign the "Acknowledgement Of Receipt Of And Consent To Release Information." If the victim/witness refuses to sign, the member shall print "Refused," and enter the date. This page shall be detached from the guide and attached to the Station copy of the applicable investigative report or.
    Placed in the Crash Attachment File in accordance with the Police Crash Reporting Manual insert.
  17. OM 7-2 Chapter 39: Members shall ensure a search of the last known location and areas frequented by the missing person is conducted, and that a/an __________________ message containing appropriate information (e.g., possible destination, direction of travel) is entered into the CLEAN system.
  18. The Missing Person Checklist shall be prepared:
    • by the member conducting the preliminary investigation whether or not that member will be assigned to continue the investigation.
    • for each missing person.
    • and submitted with the Incident Report/Incident Report—Part II, Forms SP 7-0050 and SP 7-0050A, upon the completion of the preliminary investigation.
  19. Requirements for entry of a missing person, 21 years of age or older, into the CLEAN/NCIC Missing Person File are as follows.
    • Except for catastrophe victims, a Missing Person Declaration, Form SP 4-301, shall be completed in accordance with established Department regulations.
    • When a catastrophe victim is reported missing, a request for an investigation is sufficient authorization for entry into the CLEAN/NCIC Missing Person File.
  20. Members shall initiate a follow-up contact with the complainant within __________ of the report of a missing person to determine if additional information is available that would necessitate supplementary searches, interviews, or other investigatory measures.
    24 hours
  21. Un-emancipated persons reported missing from institutions (e.g., state hospitals, county youth facilities) _____________require an interview in person if their return can be confirmed via contact with institution personnel.
  22. TRUE OR FALSE: When completing a missing persons report and foul play is suspected dental records shall be immediately collected and entered into the National Dental Image Repository (NDIR) by the Troop Criminal Investigation Assessment (CIA) Officer. For incidents that remain open for a period of 60 days, dental records shall be collected and entered into the NDIR. Otherwise they should be entered at the discretion of the supervisor.
  23. When filling out the missing persons report, which of the following would be considered a MEDICAL APPLIANCE?
    • cane
    • crutches
    • cast
    • oxygen
  24. When the missing person is a child what two notifications must be made.
    • Notification to Department of Vital Statistics
    • Notification to missing child’s last known school district
  25. Notifications concerning location/recovery of a missing child occurring subsequent to submission of the Incident Report should be made on which copy of the checklist?
    Station Copy
  26. TRUE or FALSE: The original Missing Person Checklist shall be attached to the Department Headquarters copy of the Incident Report. The copy shall be attached to the Station copy of the Incident Report.
  27. Missing and Located correspondence is to be sent to the following with respect to a missing juvenile upon being reported missing and upon their return:
    the Division of Vital Records, Pennsylvania Department of Health along with the appropriate school district
  28. A Missing Person Declaration is to be completed under the following circumstances:
    • disability
    • involuntary
    • endangered
    • catastrophe
    • other circumstances that would cause reasonable concern for their safety
  29. T/F When police assistance is requested to locate a missing person, the complainant could be charged with unsworn falsification to authorities if they should sign the Missing Person Declaration.
  30. When should a Victim/ Witness form be entered into Evidence?
    Only when it has evidentiary value
  31. When Victim/ Witness Statement forms are used in conjunction with a crash report, where does the original copy get attached to?
    Put into a Crash Attachment file
  32. The report is used to report death resulting from:
    • Accidental causes
    • Natural causes
    • Suicide
  33. T/F The report shall be prepared for suicides which occur in conjunction with homicides.
  34. Suicide in conjunction with homicide shall be recorded on.
    Homicide Investigation Report
  35. A Public Information Release Report shall be prepared for _____________________.
    • criminal incidents which carry a Uniform Crime Report (UCR) code
    • reportable crashes
    • any other activity which generates public attention
  36. True or False: The investigating member shall prepare the Public Information Release Report in original only.
    false (original and one copy attached to report)
  37. True or False: When the Troop Public Information Officer prepares a news release, only that release is required and only that release shall be provided to the media. A copy shall be appended to the appropriate report prepared by the investigating member.
  38. Concerning the Public Information Release Report issued in conjunction with a traffic crash, ______________.
    • The names of persons involved in reportable traffic crashes shall be made available to the news media as soon as accurate identification is made
    • In the event a fatality has occurred, the name(s) of the deceased shall be withheld pending notification of the next of kin
    • Information on the use of safety restraint systems by all drivers, front-seat passengers, and children under four years of age shall be released
    • Information on the use of helmets by drivers and passengers of any motorcycles involved in reportable traffic crashes shall be released
    • Causal factor and prosecution information on traffic crashes shall be released
  39. Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) results or a statement that an accused refused to submit to chemical testing shall _______________.
    be excluded
  40. A copy of the Public Information Release Report shall be submitted to Communications-Desk Unit personnel as soon as possible, but no later than ___________ after occurrence.
    24 hours
  41. OM 7-2, Chapter 48: To facilitate the timely release of information, Public Information Release Reports shall be faxed to the media at the beginning of each shift by the _____________.
    shift supervisor
  42. Do not release the name and address of a victim of ___________.
    • rape
    • domestic violence
  43. A copy of the Public Information Release Report shall be kept on a clipboard in the Communications Desk Unit for a period of _________ days and then destroyed.
  44. T/F The Noncustodial Written Statement, Forms SP 7-0074 and SP 7-0074A, should be utilized in circumstances where an individual, who is NOT detained, under arrest or otherwise in custody, is willing to provide a written statement to answer questions concerning a crime under investigation.
  45. T/F When all the criteria have been met for using the Noncustodial Written Statement the interested officer shall read the individual Miranda Rights.
  46. When the Noncustodial Written Statement forms are used to record a voluntary statement given by a juvenile; the interested officer shall make sure the first entry in the narrative is.
    the name, address, telephone number, date of birth, and relationship of the parent/guardian/interested adult present.
  47. If required, a______________ shall be utilized as continuation sheets between the forms.
    Plain white paper (8 1/2" x 11")
  48. T/F The Noncustodial Written Statement shall be prepared in original and two copies, and the original shall be entered into evidence.

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