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  1. T/F The custodial officer shall obtain the signature of the individual who witnessed the destruction of property in Block 25.
  2. When property is taken into custody during the course of an investigation and a Non-Traffic Citation, Form SP 7 0017B, is submitted as the preliminary investigative report, the Property Record shall be completed in original and one copy. The original shall be.
    Forwarded to the Custodial Officer
  3. A value may be listed for drugs contained on a Property Record that are involved in certain types of investigations. For which of the following investigations would a value for drugs NOT be listed?
    Act 64 violations
  4. True/False The Property Record, Form SP 7 007, is used to record the possession, itemization, change of custody, and accounting procedure of property taken into custody or coming into the possession of a member/enforcement officer.
  5. The Continuation Sheet/Supplemental Investigation Report shall be utilized to continue and/or supplement the following reports EXCEPT?
    • Homicide Investigation Action Report
    • Non-Traffic Citation
    • Non-Traffic Death Investigation Report
    • State Agency Investigation
  6. T/F When the Continuation Sheet/Supplemental Investigation Report is used to continue a report, the DATE(S)/DAY(S) OF INCIDENT, TIME(S) OF INCIDENT, ORI/STATION, DATE OF REPORT, OFFENSE, AND VICTIM shall not be completed if it has been furnished on the originating report.
  7. T/F When preparing a Supplemental Investigation Report for another Station area, the submitting officer shall provide their Station ORI number and name.
  8. When an investigation involves more than one vehicle or more than one category of vehicle for Block 29 of the Incident Report—Part II, the additional vehicle information _______________ be recorded in the narrative.
  9. The narrative of the CONTINUATION SHEET/SUPPLEMNETAL INVESTIGATION REPORT shall contain the following.
    • Details of investigative action taken by the reporting member or enforcement officer.
    • The first line of the narrative shall list the latitude and longitude coordinates of the location of the crime for incidents where this information is required to be captured for the Problem Specific Policing initiative.
    • The first paragraph of the narrative shall be a concise summary of all pertinent details related to the commission of the crime.
    • Subsequent paragraph(s) shall contain a description of physical evidence and the results of interviews conducted as part of the preliminary investigation which are not recorded on the Victim/Witness Statement Form, Form SP 7-0054.
  10. The Purpose of the Assignment Slip System allows supervisors to do the following with respect to follow up investigation and supplemental reporting.
    • Assign
    • Track
    • Update
    • Terminate
  11. Active investigations require a supplemental report by the investigator within ________ days after the assignment.
  12. Supplemental reports are due at least annually on which investigations.
    • Unsolved deaths
    • Unsolved missing person
  13. T/F There is an Assignment Slip User Manual on the C drive readily available for set up, navigation, and customizations.
  14. T/F Upon receipt of a preliminary report which will require follow –up investigation, the system administrator shall enter the required information in the NASTS (Networked Assignment Slip Tracking System) program.
    False (…the reviewing supervisor shall enter…)
  15. Normally active investigations require submission of a supplemental report within __ days after assignment and within each __ days thereafter until the investigation is terminated.
  16. Unsolved death and unsolved missing person investigations are due at least _________.
  17. Commanders/Directors shall ensure at least ______ individual(s) are assigned at each department installation to serve at system administrators.
  18. TRUE or FALSE: Members shall endeavor to fill in the pertinent entries daily upon completion of their tour of duty. When members are absent due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, their immediate supervisor shall complete the 10 day daily form.
  19. TRUE or FALSE: When hours are inserted for the various activities of specialized functions such as court attendance, warrant service, training, special assignment, the travel time required from point to point en route to the assignment shall be included. All numbers shall be rounded to the nearest whole number.
  20. TRUE or FALSE: Members who are designated as alternates in a specialty position shall use the alternate Job Code whenever one half or more of any shift is spent performing the specialty function.
  21. The following do not need to complete a 10 day daily form:
    • Commissioned Officers.
    • Sergeants assigned as Station Commanders
    • Members assigned to Department Headquarters (those members performing
    • investigative activities shall submit the report except those members assigned to
    • the Drug Law Enforcement Division).
    • Members assigned to the Bureau of Integrity and Professional Standards.
    • Members assigned to a Troop Procurement and Supply Unit.
    • Members attending out service training exceeding 30 days in duration.
    • Aviation Patrol Unit members.
    • Deputy Fire Marshalls assigned to full time to Troop F.M.U.
  22. The Court Administrator of Pennsylvania has stated that __________ are restricted from use for payment by mail.
    Credit cards
  23. The receipt shall not be issued to nonresidents from the ___________ states.
    Nonresident violator compact
  24. The compact does not cover what?
    • Parking violations
    • Highway weight limit violations
    • An offense in which requires the revocation of the motorist license
  25. When a district justice is unavailable as required to comply with Section 6305, the violator shall be issued a traffic citation and released. Where shall it be noted?
    Under the remarks section
  26. Members _______ handle payments to be made by mail
    Shall not in any manner
  27. DUI arrests and traffic offenses charged in conjunction with a DUI shall be recorded on the.
    • Intoxication Work Sheet
    • Incident Report
  28. When making an error on a Traffic Citation, the member shall.
    Draw a single line through the error and print immediately above the error
  29. T/F When a member transfers, the TraCS traffic citations numbers shall stay with the transferring member.
  30. T/F When a member or MCEO transfers, the Traffic Citation are kept by the member of MCEO:
    False (Paper citations are returned to Station Commander or Patrol supervisor who re-issues them)
  31. T/F After disposition of a traffic citation and a defendant defaults on payment, a new traffic citation/TraCS citation shall be prepared by the original arresting officer.
  32. How many years must a member wait before withdrawing a traffic citation where no proceedings (from the defendant) have taken place?
  33. T/F If the TRACS Traffic Citation malfunctions, the member shall file the citation and notate the nature of failure in the comments/officer’s notes block.
  34. Permitting violation-the name of the person who was permitted to drive shall be entered in.
    Remarks section
  35. T/F When issuing a citation for a violation that has a sliding fine, the member shall place the appropriate fine in the EMS, General and Cost sections of the citation.
  36. True When a violation occurs on an exit ramp, rest area or a weight station of an Interstate, the member shall check the Interstate Box on the TraCS citation.
  37. For what summary vehicle code violation does a member need to notify the parents of a juvenile and place a check the appropriate box after notifying said parent?
  38. How many years is the Station/Final Disposition copy of a traffic citation and TraCS citation retained for following final disposition?
    10 years from date of issuance
  39. T/F The fine block shall be left blank if the section provides for a sliding fine.
  40. For AOV offenses, the minimum distance a vehicle will be timed is?
    .3 mile
  41. For which section violation of the vehicle code does the traffic citation require you to acknowledge the defendant was a juvenile and if their parent/guardian was notified?
  42. What color of copy of the traffic citation is issued to the defendant at the time of violation?
  43. A Traffic Citation, Form SP 7 0017A or a _____________, shall be completed to record offenses where prosecution is brought under the Vehicle Code, except for driving under the influence (DUI), and traffic offenses which are charged in conjunction with DUI and are included on the felony or misdemeanor complaint.
    (TraCS) Traffic Citation
  44. Members_____ file summary charges on criminal complaints when more serious charges, which occurred during the same incident, are also being filed; e.g., DUI.
  45. DUI arrests and traffic offenses charged in conjunction with a DUI, which are incorporated in the DUI related felony or misdemeanor complaint shall be recorded on the _________________, except in counties where the local rules of the Court of Common Pleas require the preparation of Traffic Citation(s) in addition to the criminal complaint.
    Incident Report and Intoxication Work Sheet
  46. The Judicial Code, 42 Pa.C.S., Chapter 55, Section 5553 (e), as referenced in Section 6302 of the Vehicle Code, states, "No proceedings shall be held or action taken pursuant to a summary offense under Title 75 subsequent to ________ after the commission of the offense."
    3 years
  47. Members issuing citations shall not discuss the assessment of points with the driver or person being cited. Questions concerning points shall be referred to the _________________ .
    • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
    • What are some instances when the property record Form SP 7-007, is utilized?
    • More than four items of property have been stolen or damaged in the commission of a criminal offense.
    • A custodial/inventory search of a vehicle is conducted and reveals property that is taken into custody.
    • A vehicle is taken into custody through official actions of the department.
  48. True/False-The Property Record, SP Form 7-007 can also serve as a receipt and can be furnished to an individual when property is received and no other receipt is issued.
  49. True / False. In limited circumstances when the Custodial Officer is not available, the Receiving Officer is authorized to make the first entry “out.”
  50. True / False. When returning property to claimants at a Department installation and only a portion of the property listed on the Property Record is being returned, all documentation shall be done on the original Property Record.
  51. Property Inventory Logs shall be maintained within the security of the Property Room in accordance with
    A.R. 3-3
  52. A Custodial/Inventory search shall: Be reasonable and restricted to those locations where items of value would normally be carried, including passenger areas, glove compartment, console and trunk. The following apply:
    • Any locked compartments shall be opened and searched if keys are available; however, no locks shall be broken. Seals on truck cargo areas and trailers shall not be broken to gain access.
    • Any unlocked or unsealed container (e.g., suitcase, backpack, box) shall be opened and searched. Any locked container shall be opened and search if keys are available. However, no locks or seals shall be broken.
    • Seats shall not be removed, and the inventory shall be conducted in a manner to avoid any damage to the vehicle or its contents.
  53. When a supplemental Property Record(s) is prepared for additional items taken into custody during the course of an investigation or derivative evidence is generated by a laboratory or Forensic Services Unit from another piece of property, these items shall be entered into the Property Management System using the Property Designator/Inventory number of the initial property Record with the addition of a:
    Letter suffix designation such as A, B, C
  54. When more than four items of property are stolen or damaged in the commission of a criminal offense, ALL items shall be listed on the:
    Property Record
  55. T/F When recording currency on a Property Record separate lines should be used for each denomination.
  56. T/F Property Records reflecting destroyed property should be signed by the claimant whenever possible.

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