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  1. T/F The Special Activity (SA) block on the Intoxication Supplemental Report shall be completed only when instructions requiring same are issued by Special Order or other Department Directive:
  2. The Penn Dot form Dl 27 is utilized when requesting an operator to submit to a chemical test when which violation is suspected.
    • Driving while operating privilege is suspended/ revoked.
    • Driving a vehicle not equipped with an ignition interlock.
  3. A 24 year old female backed into her 21 year old sister while exiting a parking space at a local bar. The sister was knocked to the ground and required stitches in her left knee. The 24 YOA Blood Alcohol Content was 0.09%. What is required for her to plead guilty at the Preliminary Hearing?
    • No personal injury resulted from the offense.
    • No property damage in excess of $500 other than to the defendant's property resulted from the violation.
  4. How is the required criteria certification for a Defendant to plead guilty to DUI transmitted to a District Justice by a member of the Department?
    Form STD 501
  5. T/F If an Operator refuses to sign a DL 26 or 27 then this should be considered a refusal to take the requested chemical test.
  6. The disposition of an arrest made for DUI where the BAC is 0.0% and/or all drug tests are negative, the incident disposition should be documented as ______ in the corresponding Incident Report.
  7. T/F When more than one source of intoxicating beverages are discovered in a DUI investigation, all establishments shall be listed in Block 31 (Intoxicating Source Establishment) of the report.
    False (2nd & additional sources are listed in narrative)
  8. The maximum decision point from a Walk & Turn test is __.
  9. When an error is made in preparing a Non-Traffic Citation you should.
    draw a single line through the error and print correct info above
  10. In which instances do you print horizontally in red across the center front of the Non-Traffic Citation?
    When the citation is nolle prosse or voided
  11. For a violation of 6308 (underage drinking) what information is required in Block 56 (Remarks section) of the Non-Traffic Citation?
    Name and location of the business establishment that furnished alcohol if known
  12. An officer responds to a domestic violence incident and determines that one of the involved parties committed the summary offense of Harassment. The officer decides to arrest the actor. What is the correct reporting procedure that should be followed?
    A non-traffic citation in addition to a Incident Report/Incident Report Part II should be completed
  13. When an arrest is made and the persons B.A.C. is equal to or higher than ____, the person shall be transported to a medical facility for examination and the name, title and address of the facility shall be recorded in Block 57 (Remarks Section) of the Non-Traffic Citation.
  14. TRUE/FALSE When a Non-Traffic is issued for a summary that requires fingerprinting, it shall be documented in Block 57 (Remarks Section) after def. is printed.
  15. O.M. 7-2 CHAPT 30 when completing a Non-Traffic Citation, The “resident” block shall be checked in which of the following circumstances?
    The defendant is a resident of the political subdivision where the crime occurred
  16. O.M. 7-2 CHAPT 30 Parental notification is required in all of the following incidents Except
    • A 20 year old is issued an NTC for underage consumption of alcohol
    • A 17 year old is issued an NTC for carrying false ID
    • *An 18 year old is issued an NTC for Retail Theft
    • A 15 year old is issued an NTC for underage consumption of alcohol
  17. T/F An endeavor should be made to secure signatures of two witnesses who can attest to the contents of the Custodial Written Statement being properly transcribed, to the voluntariness of the individual in offering the statement, affixing his/her signature to the last page, and initialing the preceding page(s).
  18. T/F The original Custodial Written Statement and any continuation sheets shall be entered into evidence. The copies of the Custodial Written Statement shall be attached to the copies of the investigative report to be submitted. Upon receipt of final disposition for the investigation, the original Custodial Written Statement shall be removed from evidence and forwarded to Department Headquarters with the final Continuation Sheet/Supplemental Investigation Report, Form SP 7 0051. All other copies of the Custodial Written Statement shall then be removed and destroyed.
  19. When a general investigation is prepared concerning allegations of criminal misconduct by personnel the _________ shall furnish the complete investigative file to the Attorney for the Commonwealth.
  20. What attachments are appended to the original General Investigation Report?
  21. T/F The General Investigation Report is used to record exploratory investigations of narcotics, gambling/organized crime, and other vice in accordance with Chapter 1 of OM 7-2.
  22. T/F The GI is used to document missing property and/or missing property records in accordance with AR 3-3, Storage and Security of Property?
  23. OM 7-2, Chapter 23: When preparing a GI for a Crash Reconstruction or for an exploratory investigation of narcotics or organized crime, the original GI and ____ copies shall be prepared.
  24. When preparing a GI, the original and ___ copy (copies) are submitted.
  25. The original General Investigation is distributed to:
    The source requesting the investigation, through Troop headquarters
  26. When the GI is used to record exploratory investigations of gambling/organized crime and other vice the original shall be forwarded to:
    The Director, BCI
  27. When the GI is used to document a crash reconstruction for a member of the Department, the original shall be retained:
    In the Crash Attachment file at the Station of occurrence
  28. T/F A copy of the GI shall be kept in the member’s Troop personnel file when used to document performance inquiry of a probationary trooper.
  29. When querying an unattended vehicle through CLEAN/NCIC and CLEAN/NCIC is down where shall it be noted?
    In the remarks block on the unattended vehicle tag
  30. True/False On an intoxication report that is associated with an accident investigation it is necessary to include details of the accident along with a referral to the accident report itself.
  31. When a subject is arrested for DUI and the BAC is known to be over ____, members shall transport the subject to a qualified medical authority to be examined.
  32. TRUE/FALSE: A copy of the Intoxicating Source Reporting module (located on the INET) shall be attached to the station copy of the Intoxication report.
  33. When a subject is taken for blood or urine to determine blood content the following is placed in the observation block.
  34. On an Intoxication Work Sheet, Blk#12 deals with the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus. The decision point for this test shall be no greater than:
  35. T/F The Observation block on the Intoxication Supplemental Report applies to breath testing only. If the test conducted was a breath test, the start of the 20 minute observation time shall be entered. If the chemical test is not breath, N/A should be entered.
  36. The Intelligence Report shall be utilized to ________________________.
    • record information on individuals/organizations associated with organized and/or professional crime
    • record information on other individuals/organizations designated as intelligence subjects
    • to record data collected concerning any situations involving the potential deployment of significant law enforcement resources
  37. True or False: If the Intelligence Report is being used to report intelligence information on a situation not involving a specific individual or group, an appropriate descriptive term shall be entered, e.g., Civil Disorder, etc.
  38. The Intelligence Report shall be forwarded to the _________________ through the Criminal Investigation Section Commander/Operations Officer under separate cover marked CONFIDENTIAL.
    Troop Intelligence Officer
  39. Upon receiving the Intelligence Report, the intelligence officer shall do what with the report?
    • Enter the information into the Automated Intelligence System
    • and shred the report
  40. True or False: Intelligence information should only be disseminated on a need-to-know and a right-to-know basis.
  41. True/False When additional space is required on the Intelligence Report, the word CONTINUED shall be the last entry in the narrative, and the Continuation Sheet/Supplemental Investigation Report, Form SP 7-0051, shall be used.
  42. True/False The report shall be forwarded to the Troop Intelligence Officer through the Criminal Investigation Section Commander/Operations Officer under separate cover marked CONFIDENTIAL.
  43. The Troop Intelligence Officer shall enter the information from the Intelligence report into the Department's AIS. The report shall then be
    Destroyed by shredding
  44. T/F The purpose of the Rights Warning and Waiver is to establish that an individual has knowingly and voluntarily consented to answer questions concerning a matter under investigation.
  45. T/F The Rights Warning and Waiver and Juvenile Rights Warning and Waiver shall be printed with ballpoint pen or typewritten in an original only.
  46. The Rights Warning and Waiver or Juvenile Rights Warning and Waiver form shall be attached to which copy of the report.
  47. T/F At the conclusion of the Custodial Written Statement, the individual making the statement shall be instructed to read the contents and asked to voluntarily affix his/her signature at the end of the statement text. The individual shall then initial the lower left-hand corner of all pages of the original statement.
  48. T/F The Custodial Written Statement shall be typewritten or printed with a ballpoint pen in original and two copies. If required, plain white paper (8½” x 11”) shall be utilized as continuation sheets between the forms. The interested officer shall write/type the incident number in the top right-hand corner and write/type "Station" or "Department Headquarters" in the lower left-hand corner of the continuation sheets to denote to which copy of the investigative report the statement is attached.

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