Cattle- Transition Period

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  1. When is the transition period?
    3 weeks pre-fresh to 1 month post fresh
  2. 5 transition diseases.
    hypocalcemia, ketosis, metritis, DA, downer cows
  3. What is the challenge for cows in the transitional period?
    energy needs increase, desire to eat decreases
  4. What are NEFAs?
    non-esterified fatty acids: mobilization of lipid and protein stores from adipose tissue
  5. What is the hallmark of the transition period?
    mobilization of NEFAs from adipose tissue
  6. Describe the process that leads to NEFAs in the blood stream.
    cow's energy demands are high--> cow can't eat enough to meet those demands--> cow compensates by intensive lipolysis--> lipolysis results in release of NEFAs into blood
  7. What are the consequences of high NEFAs?
    bovine liver has limited capacity to metabolize NEFAs into TG; once the limit is reached, TG accumulate in the liver--> converted to ketone bodies
  8. What ketone bodies are a result of NEFA metabolism in the liver?
    acetone, acetoacetate, BHBA
  9. When ketones are produced in excess of peripheral tissue's capacity to use them, they accumulate in the blood stream. In _________, the ketones appear in...
    negative energy balance; blood, milk, urine
  10. When is NEFA testing used?
    on a herd basis- test all right before calving and right after calving to evaluate farm's transition period
  11. ________ is used as a herd-based nutritional test for subclinical ketosis.
  12. Nutrition during the transitional period: _______ is essential.
    low energy
  13. _______ bunk space per cow is mandatory.
  14. You want to feed a _______ DCAD.
  15. In order to use a DCAD diet, you must have a __________.
    pre-fresh group
  16. What are the benefits of low energy and low DCAD diet during the transition period? (4)
    eliminate hypocalcemia, increases milk production, reduce RP, reduce ketosis, improve conception
  17. What are the risk factors for a DA? (4)
    fat cows at calving, high NEFA pre-calving, high BHBA post-calving, milk fat> 1.5x milk protein
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