C++ chapter 1

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  1. objects
    building blocks and tools that interact to produce an outcome. components in problem solving. objects have attributes and actions.
  2. attributes
    define the object
  3. actions
    these are the tasks the object can perform
  4. agent
    the person who organizes the interaction among the objects to accomplish the task
  5. **Constructor
    initializes the attributes of an object. may specify initial values for the attributes. whenever an object is created, constructor is called.
  6. algorithm
    sequences of instructions leading to a solution of a problem in a finite amount of time.
  7. steps to designing a program
    identify objects, identify the data type of each object, input, calculation, output
  8. **identifier
    a descriptive name for an object or object type. C++ include letters (Aa..Zz), digits ('0'...'9'), underscore('_'); C++ is case sensitive; an identifier must begin with a letter or an underscore
  9. **what are the three things that make up an object type description
    title and a brief statement of purpose, attributes, operations (argument - a value that is passed to an operation, and a return value)
  10. string
    several characters put together
  11. double
    think currency
  12. **unified modeling language (UML) has three parts. **UNIQUE
    class name, attributes(add class type at end), operations (need parenthesis at end). need to know UML for first test.
  13. count, salesTax, sales_tax, _code, n1
    valid identifies
  14. 2over, %Ten, split Word
    invalid identifies
  15. how to declare an object
    ClassName object(value1, value2,...);
  16. 2 types of comments
    end of line (//.....) and multiline comment (...*/ or /*...)
  17. int main( )
    int - integer, return 0;
  18. { .... }, means what?
    block of code
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