6th grade science magnetism

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  1. Magnetite
    the mineral in rocks that is magnetic
  2. What causes an aurora?
    • Particles from the solar wind penetrate Earths surface
    • The particles follow earths magnetic field to the magnetic poles.
    • When particles get close to the surface, they then interact with atoms in the Earths atmosphere.
    • The interaction causes the atoms to give off glowing lights.
  3. magnetic declination number 1
    Streams of electrically charged particles flowing at high speeds from the sun
  4. magnetic declination number 2
    the angle between geographic north and north to which a compass needle points
  5. neodymium magnets
    the strong magnetic force between the two neodymium magnets in the base and the top make it float in air
  6. electron spin
    a spinning electron produces a magnetic field that makes the electron behave like a tiny magnet in an atom
  7. powerful magnets
    made of alloys of platinum and cobalt; and alloys of cobalt and neodymium
  8. magnetic pole
    any magnet, no matter what it's shape, has two ends each one called a magnetic pole
  9. magnetic field
    area of magnetic force around a magnet
  10. magnetic domain
    a grouping of atoms that have their magnetic fields lined up in the same direction
  11. magnetosphere
    the region of Earth's magnetic field shaped by solar wind
  12. solar wind
    streams of electrically charged particles flowing at high speeds from the sun
  13. aurora
    a band of colored lights occasionally appears in the night sky near the magnetic poles
  14. ferromagnetic material
    a material that shows strong magnetic effects
  15. every atom has...
    • a center region and an outer region
    • center is nucleus
    • inside the nucleus are protons and neutrons
  16. electron
    a tiny, negatively charged particle that usually exists in the outer region of an atom
  17. How can magnets be changed?
    cutting them or heating them
  18. How is Earth like a magnet?
    like a bar magnet, Earth has a magnetic field surrounding it and two magnetic poles
  19. How is a magnetic field produced in an atom?
    spinning electrons
  20. How are the domains arranged in material that are magnetized and in ones that are not?
    • in a magnetized material, the atoms are aligned and all facing one way
    • a domain that is not magnetized has it's atoms facing every which way
  21. What happens to the domains in iron fling that line up with the magnetic field of a bar magnet?
    the filings will line up
  22. What are three properties that magnets have?
    magnets attract iron and materials that contain iron
  23. Where is the magnetic effect of a magnet strongest?
    at the ends of the poles
  24. element
    one of about 100 basic materials that make up all matter
  25. proton
    a positively charged particle found in the nucleus
  26. magnetic force
    the attraction or repulsion of magnetic poles
  27. atom
    the smallest particle of an element that has all the properties of that element
  28. temporary magnet
    a magnet made of a material that easily loses its magnetism
  29. magnetic field lines
    invisible lines that map out the magnetic field around a magnet
  30. comapss
    a device with a magnetized needle that can spin freely
  31. Van Allen belts
    2 doughnut shaped regions 1,000-25,000 kilometers above Earth that contain electrons and protons traveling at high speeds
  32. magnet
    any material that attracts iron and materials ttaht contain iron
  33. combined magnetic field
    the result of 2 or more two magnetic fields that overlap
  34. permanent magnet
    a magnet made of a material that keeps its magnetism
  35. lodestones
    magnetic rocks are known as
  36. neutron
    a particle that does not carry an electrical charge
  37. particles of an atom
    • Protons
    • Electrons
    • Neutrons

  38. nucleus
    the core at the center of every atom
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