Science Test - Magnets 6th Grade

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  1. any material that attracts iron and materials that contain iron is what?
  2. Magnets attract ______ and materials that contain _______.
    iron and iron
  3. Magnet attract or repel other magnets.  In addition one part of a magnet will always point ________ when allowed to swing freely.
  4. any magnet, no matter what shape, has two ends each one called a _________
    magnetic pole
  5. Magnetic poles that are alike _______ each other.  
  6. Magnetic poles that are unlike ______ each other.
  7. The attraction or repulsion between magnetic poles is called _________
    magnetic force
  8. The area of magnetic force around a magnet is known as it's ___________
    Magnetic field
  9. What are the invisible lines that map out the magnetic field around a magnet called?
    magnetic field lines
  10. Magnetic field lines spread out from the __________  pole, and then curve around the magnet and return to the _______ pole?
    • a.  North
    • b.  south
  11. What is the one of about 100 basic substances that make up all matter.
  12. An _____  is the smallest particle of an element
  13. The center region of an atom is called a _______?
  14. a particle that carries a positive charge is called a ______?
  15. A _______ is a particle that does not carry a charge.
  16. A ______ is a particle that carries a negative charge.
  17. A spinning electron produces a _____________ that makes the electron behave like a tiny magnet in an atom.
    magnetic field
  18. what two particles are found inside the nucleus of an atom
    proton and neutron
  19. a grouping of atoms that have their magnetic fields aligned is known as a ________.
    magnetic domain
  20. In a magnetized material, all or most of the ______________ are arranged in the same direction.
    magnetic domains
  21. a material that shows strong magnetic properties is said to be a __________?
    ferromagnetic matrial
  22. Magnets can be made, destroyed or _________    _______?
    broken apart.
  23. a magnet made from a material that easily loses it's magnetism is called a ____________?
    Temporary magnet
  24. a magnet made from a material that keeps it's magnetism for a long period of time is called ______________
    permanent magnet
  25. Just like a bar magnet ____________  has a magnetic field surrounding it and two magnetic poles
  26. What is a device that has a magnetized needle that spins freely?
  27. the angle between the geographic north pole and the magnetic pole in the Northern Hemisphere to which a compass needle points is called the _____________?
    magnetic declination
  28. Since Earth produces a strong magnetic field, Earth itself can make magnets out of ____________  ________
    ferromagnetic materials
  29. Earth's magnetic field affects the movements of the __________ _________ particles in space.
    Electrically charged
  30. Between 1,000 and 25,000 kilometers above Earth's surface are two doughnut shaped regions called the __________?
    Van Allen belts
  31. A stream of electrically charged particles flowing at a high speed from the sun is called __________?
    solar wind
  32. The region of Earth's magnetic field shaped by solar wind is called the ___________?
  33. A glowing region in the atmosphere caused by charged particles from the sun is called an ____________?
  34. The area of a magnet where the magnetic force is strongest is:
    a  magnetic pole
    b.  magnetic field
    c  magnetic field line
    d  magnetosphere
    A magnetic pole
  35. The negatively charged particles within atoms are: 
    a.  electrons
    b.  nuclie
    c.  protons
    d.  orbits
    a electrons
  36. An example of a ferromagnetic material is :
    a.  plastic
    b.  copper
    c.  wood
    d.  iron
    d  iron
  37. A compass works because its magnetic needle:  a.  contains atoms
    b.  contains charged particles
    c.  repels magnets
    d.  spins freely
    d spins freely
  38. A stream of electrically charged particles flowing from the suns is called the:
    A.  magnetic field
    B.  solar wind
    C.  Van Allen belts
    D.  magnetosphere
    B.  solar wind
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  39. Magnetic field lines map out the magnetic field around a magnet.
    True or False??
  40. In an atom, the electrons and protons are located in the nucleus.
    True or False?
    False  - protons and neutrons
  41. A ferromagnetic material is a material like iron that has strong magnetic properties.
    True or false?
  42. A magnet that keeps its magnetism for a long time is called a temporary magnet.
    True or false
    False - permanent magnet
  43. The region of Earth's magnetic field shaped by the solar wind is called the aurora
    True or False?
    false - magnetopshere
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