Chemistry Chapter 13 pt 1

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  1. Solvent
    Larger portion
  2. Solute
    whats mixed in (smaller portion)
  3. solution
    • solute + solvent
    • can be solid, liquid, or gas
  4. solubility
    amount of solute (g) that can be dissolved in 100g of solvent at a given temperature
  5. solubility curve
    relationship between solubility and temperature plotted on graph
  6. saturated
    solution capacity has been reached and does not dissolve any more
  7. unsaturated
    can still dissolve more

    *if solution is cooled down, then may become saturated even if it was heated to dissolve all the particles.
  8. super saturation
    untouched solution at lower temp with extra solutes still dissolved in it
  9. Solvation
    disassociation of ions in a solution

    ie NaCl + H2O --> Na+ (aq) + Cl- (aq)
  10. Molarity (M)

    • moles of solute/liters of solution
    • **is dependent on temperature
  11. Molality (m)
    • moles of solute/kg of solvent
    • **is independent of temperature
  12. Percent by Mass aka Mass Percent
    gram solute/grams of solution

    *don't forget solution = solute + solvent
  13. Parts per million
    • measuring small parts
    • ie pollution in water, gas, etc
  14. Mole Fraction
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