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  1. The train crew is responsible for determining the length of flat spots which are discovered enroute and other running gear defects, what flat spots constitute running gear defects.
    A single flat spot in excess of 2 1/2 inches in length or if there are 2 or more adjacent flat spots any one of which is over 2 inches it will be considered a running gear defect.
  2. When defective equipment is operated a ___-_______ tag for locomotives and passenger equipment or bad ordered tag for _____ _______ must be placed in the _______ ____ of the defective piece of equipment.
    Non compliance, freight equipment, operating cab.
  3. A copy of the non compliance or bad ordered tag must also be placed in the cab of the _____ and _______ ___.
    Leading and trailing unit.
  4. When passenger equipment is found to be non-compliant with FRA regulations or MNR instructions and must be moved in non-revenue service to a designated repair facility, ____ _ ____ __ authority is required.
    Form M Line 14.
  5. Is a Form M required to move equipment with an enroute failure from the point of failure to the nearest designated repair facility?
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