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  1. Before a train crew leaves a location where a main track switch was operated, all crew members must communicate with each other to confirm that the _____ and _____, if any are locked in the normal position.
    Switch and derail.
  2. Switches that connect main tracks with siding or yard tracks are in normal position when lined for movement on the?
    Main track.
  3. Switches connecting sidings with yards are in the normal position when lined for movement on the?
  4. In all other cases there is no normal position for switches unless designated in the?
  5. The normal position for a derail is?
    The derailing position.
  6. If switch is used to clear a main track or siding, switch or derail, if any, must be in the normal position and if so equipped locked before?
    Reporting clear.
  7. To operate a switch equipped with electric lock, remove padlock for electric lock switch in main track; equipment occupying main track must be not less than __ ____ no more than __ ___ from the switch point.
    10 feet, 70 feet.
  8. Where main track switch targets are used, the normal position of main track switches will be indicated by a ____ target, diverging position of main track switches will be indicated by a ___ target.
    Green, red.
  9. After operating switches, employees must examine the _____ ____ and know they fit the rail properly and if so equipped, that the target corresponds with the switches position.
    Switch points.
  10. Where derails are in service, employees must observe they are in the proper position_____ and ____ operation.
    Before and after.
  11. After locking or hooking switch or derail, lock or hook must be ______ to ensure switch or derail is secure.
  12. Hand operated crossover switches are in corresponding position when?
    Both switches are lined for movement over the crossover or both switches are lined for movement on the straight track.
  13. The switches of a crossover must be in _________ position before either crossover switch is used and the movement must be completed before the position of either switch is changed.
  14. Hand operated switches must remain in corresponding position except:
    1) used to provide blue signal protection.

    2) used for inaccessible track protection for roadway workers.

    3) maintenance testing or inspection of crossover switches is performed in CTC.

    4) one crew is using both tracks connected by the crossover during continuous switching operations.
  15. When not in use crossover switches must be left in?
  16. If switches or derails are found to be defective, or associated locks found to be missing or defective, report must be made to the _____ __ _____ of the switch or derail.
    Person in charge.
  17. Locations where ___ _____ switches are in service are listed in the timetable special instructions.
    Dual control.
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