behavior sciences set 6

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  1. self-schema
    self given label that carries with it a set of qualities
  2. identity
    individual components of our self-concept related to groups to which we belong
  3. androgyny
    state of being simultaneously very masculine and very feminine
  4. undifferentiated
    low scores on masculinity and femininity
  5. ethnic identity
    members typically share a common ancestry, cultural heritage and language
  6. nationality
    based on shared history, media, cuisine and national symbols
  7. hierarchy of salience
    • we let the situation dictate which identity holds the most importance for us at any given moment 
    • the more salient the identity, the more we conform to the role expectations of the identities
  8. self-discrepant theory
    • each of us have three selves
    • actual self (we see ourselves), ideal self, and ought self (representation of the way others think we should be)
    • closer these selves are to one another, the higher our self-esteem
  9. self esteem
    measure of how we feel about ourselves
  10. self-efficacy
    our belief in our ability to succeed
  11. learned helplessness
    dog shocked and powerless to control the duration of the electric shock (dogs acted as if they were helpless to avoid the pain of the experience)
  12. locus of control
    • the way we characterize the influences in our lives
    • internal: we control our fate
    • external: events are caused by luck or outside influences
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