Integumentary bone structure and skull

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  1. what is a process
    any kind of bump or protrusion
  2. what does fossa mean
    a dip or indentation
  3. what is a foramen
    a hole
  4. name the C1 vertebrae

    how is it identified? function?

    it has no body 

    moves the head forward and backward
  5. what is C2 named? function?

    rotating the head around
  6. flat anterior bone (forehead)
    frontal bone
  7. small midline bone, nose bridge
  8. nasal bone
  9. cheek bone
    zygomatic bone
  10. forms anteromedial (inner middle) side of eye socket
    lacrimal bones
  11. dense connective tissue between the frontal bone and parietal bones
    coronal suture
  12. posterior to the coronal suture
    parietal bones
  13. dense connective tissue between the parietal bones and the temporal bones
    squamosal suture
  14. bones inferior to the squamosal suture
    temporal bones
  15. dense connective tissue that joins the parietal bones to the occipital bones
    lambdoidal suture
  16. bone interior to lambdoidal suture
    occipital bone
  17. bone anterior to the temporal bone
    sphenoid bone
  18. medial surface of orbital cavity, it has multiple little holes in it. you can see it through the front of the nose
    (contains sinus)
    ethmoid bone
  19. upper jaw bone
  20. moveable lower jaw bone
  21. what is the integument layer made of? 

    what is the layer beneath it?
    epidermis and dermis 

    subcutaneous layer
  22. what is the dermis made of?
    papillary layer and reticular layer
  23. what is C7 named?
    cervical vertebrae, the big bone that sticks out at the back of your neck
  24. unhardened cartilage for fetuses
  25. fontanelle posterior the frontal bone
    anterior fontanelle
  26. fontanelle posterior the parietal bones
    posterior fontanelle
  27. fontanelle superior to the sphenoid bone
    sphenoid fontanelle
  28. fontanelle between the temporal bone and the occipital bone
    mastoid fontanelle
  29. C1 fuses to this part of the C2 to provide stability
    • dens 
    • or odontoid process
  30. large broad thickened area inferior to the dens
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