Biology Chapter 3

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  1. Cells are ______% water
  2. Polar molecue
    opposite ends have opposite charges
  3. Water properties for life
    • Cohesive
    • Moderate temperature
    • Expansion upon freezing
    • Solvent of life
  4. ACRONYM: Water properties for life
    WATER Can Make Everything Squeaky
  5. Cohesion
    • attraction of two like things
    • hydrogen bonds hold water molecules together
  6. Adhesion
    • attraction between two different things
    • (water and a plant cell wall)
  7. Surface tension
    how hard it is to break the surface of liquid
  8. Kinetic energy
    energy of motion
  9. thermal energy
    random motion of atoms or molecules
  10. Temperature
    measure of energy
  11. Heat
    thermal energy in transfer from one body of matter to another
  12. calorie (cal)
    amount of heat required to raise temp of 1g of water by 1°C
  13. kilocalorie
    • food calorie
    • 1 kcal=1,000 cal
  14. joule
    unit of energy
  15. specific heat
    amount of heat must be absorbed or lost for 1g of substance to change temperature 1°C
  16. Hydrogen Bond BREAKS
  17. Hydrogen bond FORM
  18. Evaporation
    liquid to gas
  19. Heat of vaporation
    heat a liquid must absorb for 1g to convert to gas
  20. evaporative cooling
    remaining surface cools as liquid evaportes
  21. solution
    homogeneous mixture
  22. solvent
    dissolving agent of a solution
  23. solute
    substance that is dissolved
  24. hydration shell
    sphere of water molecules surrounding an ion
  25. hydrophillic substance
    liking for water
  26. hydrophobic substance
    no like for water
  27. molecular mass
    sum of all masses of all atoms in a molecule
  28. 1 mol =
    6.022 x 10²³ atoms
  29. Molarity
    number of moles of solute per liter of solution
  30. hydrogen ion (H+)
    positively charged hydrogen atom (one the moved!)
  31. hydroxide ion (OH-)
    molecule that lost the proton (one that lost!)
  32. hydronium ion (H³O+) or (H+)
    molecule that gained the extra proton (on that gained!)
  33. Acid
    any substance that INCREASES the H+ concentration of a solution
  34. Base
    any substance the REDUCES the H+ concentration of a solution
  35. pH of a solution
    • negative logarithm of H+
    • ph= -log[H+]
  36. pH Scale approaches 0..
    • acidic
    • H+ > OH-
  37. ph scale neutral
  38. ph scale approaches 14
    • basic
    • H+ < OH-
  39. Buffers
    substances that minimized changes in # of H+ and OH- in a solution
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