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  1. Position to Rendezvous After a Crash
    • Initally 12 o'clock
    • Then 3, 9, and 6 o'clock
  2. Proper shut-down procedure for aeromedical aircraft
    Throttle, fuel, battery, rotor brake, oxygen
  3. Critical phase of flight
    A critical phase of flight includes everything except straight level flight.
  4. What is priority post crash?
    Shelter from elements is priority, which includes building a fire
  5. Notify pilot of hazard by..
    • announce location, hazard and heading
    • ex.-"10 o'clock, aircraft 5 miles, same flight level, closing."
  6. VFR
    • Visual flight rules
    • you may fly VFR only in VMC
  7. VMC
    visual meteorological conditions
  8. IFR
    • Instrument flight rules
    • you must fly IFR in IMC
  9. IMC
    • Instrument meterological conditions
    • you may never fly VFR in IMC
  10. ELT
    Emergency Locator Transmitter
    • 121.5 Hz
    • triggered with a 4G impact
    • manually triggered if it does not trigger automatically
    • can be removed from aircraft
    • uses an internal battery and antenna
  11. Direct communication with ground crews
    Direct communication with ground crews is a requirement for a night LZ
  12. Flight visibility is reported as...
    • ceiling followed by visibility
    • Ex. "500 and 2" means a 500ft ceiling and 2 mile visibility
  13. Runway Heading
    Runway designations are based upon the heading of the aircraft on said runway, less the '0' at the end of the heading.
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