Grow Rich With Peace of Mind

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  1. The great achievements of my life--first built as mind-concepts, then made real--are not limited to:
    The power of my own mind.
  2. All great achievements are the result of:
    multiplicity of minds working together harmoniously.
  3. What is the Master Mind?
    The Master Mind is a:

    •             formless
    •             boundless
    •             reservoir of thought-vibration

    The exchange of broadcast thoughts are exchanged during the Master Mind meeting but also later--its power goes beyond anything science can completely explain.

    It is theorized that similar to sound waves, light waves, heat waves, radio waves--we have thought waves.  It is speculated that our brains cells act as a battery and that the current produced flows along the nerves--but does the vibration flow out of us around the world?
  4. Another person who has shown its empathy with my own mind may be--
    tuned upon, similarly to tuning into a radio station.
  5. I understand that whenever two or more minds are blended in a spirit of perfect harmony, for the pursuit of a definite purpose, there is born of that alliance --
    a power which is greater than that of all the individual minds combined.

    This is the Master Mind principle!!!
  6. As I apply the Master Mind principle, I not only share my knowledge with others but
    place myself in a position to receive generously from others--and that what I receive can multiply my power to grow rich far beyond my present conception.
  7. Rest assured that any benefit I send out into the world will--
    come back to me in some way, at some time, perhaps a thousand times multiplied.
  8. When peace and harmony remain as my veritable foundation --problems are solved with a strength which truly--
    "passeth understanding."
  9. As I become better and better acquainted with my own mind, I will find it possible to:
    hold harmony within my mind no matter what goes on around me.

    Meanwhile, consciously at some time of the day I will attune my mind to peace not conflict--rest, not striving.
  10. The great majority of troubles are minor annoyances which lead to:
    a pattern of annoyances and worry.  Feed my mind on little worries and it will develop quite an appetite for big worries.
  11. The greatest destroyer and uprooter of worry is--
    transmuting the worry-reaction into some sort of constructive activity.  By going into action, make my mind focus on that action.
  12. An efficient mind attains--
    a basic simplicity upon which all else is built.  Some successful, highly placed men are really "quite simple fellows."
  13. One of the greatest benefits of a Master Mind alliance comes from:
    being helped to see my problems through others' eyes and thus to see at last how simple my problems were.  When I take each problem one by one they were quickly solved and my my mind began clicking as it never had before.
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