better civics vocab unit 2

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  1. amendment
    any change to the constitution
  2. anti-federalists
    those who opposed the constitution
  3. authoritarian
    a government in which one group has absolute power
  4. bicameral
    a legislature consisting of two parts.
  5. checks and balances
    where each brand of government can restrict the other
  6. common law
    a system of law based on customs
  7. constitutional convention
    a meeting that adopted the constitution
  8. democracy
    a government run by the people
  9. direct democracy
    a democracy in which people vote firsthand
  10. elastic clause
    gives the right for government to make fair laws.
  11. enlightenment
    movement that reason and science could improve society
  12. federalism
    a form of government in which power is divided between the states
  13. federalists
    supporters of the constitution
  14. great compromise
    agreement providing dual systems of congress respresentation
  15. mercantilism
    theory that a country should sell more than it buys.
  16. monarchy
    a form of government with only one ruler.
  17. natural right
    freedoms people possess relating to property and liberty
  18. popular sovereignty
    Powers lives within the people
  19. representative democracy
    a government in which citizens choose a smaller group to govern
  20. republic
    a democracy where people choose their lawmakers
  21. rule of law
    principle that the law applies to everyone.
  22. separation of powers
    the split of authority among the branches.
  23. totalitarian
    a system where government controls every aspect of the people's life
  24. social contract
    an agreement among people with government
  25. unicameral
    having a single legislative branch
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