A&P Lab test 6

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  1. elastic cartilage
    forms framework of outer ear
  2. adipose
    functions as heat insulator beneath skin
  3. blood
    contains large amounts of fluid and transports waste and gases
  4. bone (compact)
    cells in a solid matrix arranged around central canal
  5. areolar connective
    binds skin to underlying organs
  6. dense regular connective
    main tissue of tendons and ligaments
  7. hyaline cartilage
    forms the flexible part of the nasal septum and ends of long bones
  8. fibrocartilage
    pads between vertebrae that are shock absorbers
  9. Dense irregular connective
    Main tissue of dermis
  10. elastic connective
    occurs in some ligament attachments between vertebrae and larger artery walls
  11. reticular connective
    forms supporting tissue in walls of thyme and spleen
  12. dense regular connective
    cells in a fluid gel matrix with parallel collagen fibers
  13. areolar connective
    contains loose arrangements of elastic and collagen fibers
  14. blood
    transports nutrients and defends against disease
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