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  1. hemodynamics
    movement and pressure of the blood
  2. ventricular diastole
    • Phase when ventricles are relaxed
    • the filling phase for the ventricles
    • Pressure in ventricles is less than atria
    • Mitral and tricuspid valves open to allow filling of ventricles
    • Toward end, atria contract (atrial kick) to propel additional blood into ventricles, completing the filling phase of ventricles
  3. ventricular systole
    • Marked by closure of mitral and tricuspid valves
    • when ventricles contract and blood is propelled from them, atria relax (atrial diastole) and are filled
  4. stroke volume
    amount of blood ejected from the heart with each contraction
  5. cardiac output
    • the amount of blood ejected per minute
    • equals stroke volume x HR
  6. mitral valve
    • also called bicuspid valve
    • on left side of heart
    • AV valve with 2 cusps
    • btwn pulmonary veins and left ventricle
  7. Aortic Valve
    • Composed of 3 cusps
    • Valve btwn left ventricle and aorta
  8. pulmonary semilunar valve
    • Composed of 3 cusps
    • Valve btwn Right ventricle and main pulmonary artery
  9. Tricuspid valve
    • Right AV valve w 3 cusps
    • Valve btwn Right atria and R ventricle
  10. murmurs
    defined as series of audible, prolonged sounds resulting from turbulence created within the vascular system
  11. causes for heart murmurs
    • Can be caused by one or a combo of:
    • Increased flow through normal blood vessels, creating frictional, audible sounds
    • Flow through constricted blood vessels (aortic stenosis)
    • Flow into dilated blood vessel from one of normal size
  12. PMI
    Point of Max impulse
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