Challenger350 APU

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  1. Which fuel pump delivers fuel under pressure to the APU fuel control unit?
    Right DC fuel pump
  2. Which synoptic pages monitor the APU system and services?
    Fuel, electrical, and ECS
  3. Where does the APU obtain fuel for operation?
    Right wing collector tank
  4. What is the maximum altitude at which the APU provides bleed air?
    20,000 ft
  5. Can the APU be used during anti-icing / deicing procedures?
  6. Do not restart the APU if the RPM is <30% after ________.
    30 sec
  7. Is it possible that the surge valve may cause a noticeable hissing type sound in the APU area?
  8. The _______ panel allows the selection of the APU as the bleed-air source.
    AIR COND/BLEED panel
  9. What is the maximum altitude for APU generator use?
    30,000 ft AGL
  10. The APU bleed valve controls airflow to the aircraft bleed-air system and protects the APU from _______.
    Overtemperature condition
  11. What is the maximum certified operating altitude for the APU?
    37,000 ft AGL
  12. What are the memory item(s) for an APU Fire on the Ground?
    There are no memory items. APU fire suppression on the ground is automatic.
  13. What is the maximum altitude for APU start?
    30,000 ft AGL (14,000 ft on the ground)
  14. Following an unsuccessful start or a hung start of the APU in flight, can a second start attempt be made after observing a one-minute cooling period?
  15. Is another start attempt permitted after an unsuccessful APU start attempt in the air?
    No. Do not attempt another start until after landing
  16. What is the limitation for left engine start on the ground using APU bleed air?
    9000 ft
  17. In addition to operating the gearbox-mounted generator, what is the other purpose for the APU?
    Air conditioning / pressurization and engine start
  18. What is the limitation for extraction of bleed air from the APU for engine start and environmental air?
    20,000 ft AGL
  19. Where is the APU remote cutoff switch located?
    Right side, aft of wing, behind electrical connection access door
  20. When does the APU surge valve extract air from the APU?
    When the load control valve is not open, and air must be removed from the compressor to prevent compressor stall
  21. What is the primary purpose of the APU load control valve?
    To protect the APU from an overtemperature condition
  22. Can the APU be used to heat the aircraft during an anti-ice application?
  23. APU operates the gearbox-mounted generator, supplies bleed air for air conditioning and pressurization, and _______.
    Starts the main engines
  24. What are the cooling time limitations for APU starts on the ground?
    One minute between the first two start attempts and 20 minutes after the third.
  25. On the ground, how is the APU remotely shut down?
    Remote cutoff switch located behind the external power access door
  26. What is the maximum speed for starting the APU?
    285 kt
  27. What is the maximum airspeed to start the APU?
    285 kt
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