Challenger350 Communication

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  1. In which mode is the mode S transponderunable to send replies?
    Standby mode
  2. In which areas are maintenance interphone panels located?
    Forward and rear service panels
  3. Do audio signals from the aural warning system, TAWS, and TCAS go through the volume control switches of the audio control panel?
  4. To what does the CDU provides tuning control?
    Both the onside and cross-side radios
  5. How is a failed NAV radio indicated on the MFD display?
    The frequency is indicated in amber instead of green.
  6. What is the purpose of the 1/2 buttonon the display control panel (DCP)?
    Enables cross-side radio tuning
  7. What indications alert the crew that the emergency locator transmitter (ELT) is transmitting?
    CAS message ELT ON and external buzzer
  8. Where is the underwater locator device located?
    Located on the CVR and FDR
  9. On the audio control panel, what happensif the EMER/NORM switchis selected to the EMER position?
    All audio is routed to the headset,the overhead speaker is deactivated, and the onside COMM is routed directly to the pilot
  10. How many static wicks are on the Challenger 350 aircraft?
  11. What indicates that a Nav radio has failed?
    Frequencies are indicated in amber color
  12. To which functions does the Challenger 350 MFD COM display provide control capability?
    Squelch mode selection, COM test function, frequency tuning
  13. What does the CVR control panel contain?
    Headset jack, ERASE button, TEST button/green lamp
  14. What indicates that the ELT is transmitting?
    CAS message ELT ONand external buzzer
  15. In which mode selection does the Mode S transponder reports neither Mode C nor Mode S?
  16. What conditions must be met to erase data from the cockpit voice recorder?
    Parking brake set and hydraulic system powered
  17. What does DME compares and decodes?
    Slant distance to the DME ground station, relative closure rate, time to station
  18. What happens if the 1/2 button is selectedon the display control panel?
    The MFD reflects the cross-side radios on the MFD
  19. The control display unit is one of two ways to control what?
    Communication radios, ATC transponders, ADF receivers, NAV frequencies
  20. When is the emergency locator transmitter automatically activated?
    When excessive longitudinal forces occur
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