Challenger350 Electrical

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  1. With all three generators operating in flight, if the left generator drops offline, what automatically happens?
    The APU generator automatically switches to the left side and powers the buses
  2. What is the transient limit for all generators?
    600 amps for 5 minutes
  3. What is the maximum amperage for one generator while in flight?
    500 amps
  4. What is the time duration of the batteries in flight with all generators inoperative?
    1 hr
  5. What does a green AVAIL message on the electrical panel indicate?
    GPU is connected and has correct voltage and polarity
  6. While in flight, which electrical buses are powered with only one generator online?
  7. What is the minimum battery temperature for takeoff?
  8. If the aircraft is down to essential power only, how long will the batteries last?
    1 hr
  9. What is the maximum amperageon the GPU?
    1500 amps
  10. How long will the standby instrument power the ISI?
    3.5 hrs
  11. Why is the right battery turned on first?
    To prevent uncommanded APU start
  12. What is the maximum amperage for two or three generators?
    400 amps
  13. What is the maximum amperage for one generator while on the ground?
    400 amps
  14. How many circuit breaker panels are installed on the Challenger 350 aircraft?
  15. What is the in-flight amperage limit when operating with a single generator online?
    500 amps
  16. Where is the battery voltage indicated?
    Electrical and summary synoptic page
  17. Where is the CB2 circuit breaker panel located?
    Behind the copilot seat
  18. Which other generator normally shares the load with the APU generator?
    Right side generator
  19. What is the maximum altitude that the APU GEN can be used?
    30,000 ft
  20. What items in the aircraft are powered by the left and right AUX buses?
    Cabin DC and AC power, and the copilot side window and foot warmers
  21. While on the ground, which electrical buses are powered with only the APU online?
    All six buses (ESSENTIAL, MAIN, AUX)
  22. How long does the standby instrument battery power the ISI when there are no generators online?
    3.5 hr
  23. True or False:During APU start, the right battery is isolated from the aircraft system and powers the APU starter.
  24. While in flight, with all three generators offline, which buses are powered?
    ESSENTIAL only
  25. Which buses are powered in flight with a single generator online?
    Main and essential
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