Final test chapter 7 questions

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  1. If a train is not being operated in accordance with the requirements of any signal indication or restriction, crew members must?
    Immediately communicate with the Engineer and if necessary stop the train.
  2. Who is responsible for the safety of the train?
    Conductor, Engineer and Pilot.
  3. Employees qualified on the operating rules and located in the control compartment will observe and communicate to each other, in a clear and audible manner?
    1) each signal affecting the movement of their train

    2) as soon as it's clearly visible

    3) the signal must be observed until passed.
  4. When a train is moving and emergency application of the brakes occurs, crew members must?
    Immediately protect adjacent tracks by initiating an emergency radio transmission "emergency, emergency, emergency"
  5. All trains receiving the Emergency call will operate at restricted speed from?
    One mile before the reported location until one mile beyond the rear end of the standing train.
  6. As soon as possible after starting each trip, the engineer must verify the accuracy of the speedometer?
    Using their watch, mileposts and speed tables.

    The speedometer must be accurate +- 3 mph of actual speed.

    If the speedometer is inaccurate the RTC must be notified.
  7. MAS on other than main tracks is?
    Restricted speed not exceeding 10 mph, unless otherwise specified.
  8. MAS for any movement where the engineer is not operating from the leading end of the movement is?
    Restricted speed.
  9. MAS for movement through hand operated switches in the diverging position is?
    Restricted speed not exceeding 10 mph.
  10. MAS on yard tracks designated as mechanical tracks is?
    Restricted speed not exceeding 5 mph?
  11. MAS when coupling to equipment is?
    2 mph.
  12. When equipment with different maximum authorized speeds are operated in the same train, what speed will apply to the train?
    Lowest of the maximum authorized speeds will apply.
  13. On passenger equipment, if the intercom or PA system is being used, what must be followed?
    Radio rules.
  14. MAS for any movement with a crew member riding the side of the equipment is?
    Restricted speed not exceeding 5 mph.
  15. How many handbrakes must be applied on cars left standing to insure they will not move?
    A sufficient number.
  16. Before an employee goes under or between exterior of cars or locomotives, he must obtain assurance that equipment will not move by requesting?
    Three point protection
  17. The conductor is required to remind the engineer of the following instructions issued by the RTC prior to reaching the location where the restriction takes effect?
    1) a speed restriction

    2) Stop and warn order

    3) working limits stop sign

    4) an unscheduled meet
  18. When is the Conductor required to remind the engineer of a restriction?
    At a station stop or at a point one mile before the restriction.
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