Final test chapters 1 2 and 3 information

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  1. If copies of all applicable General Orders, Bulletin Orders, General Notices and Operations Notices are not posted or available when reporting or if reporting for duty at a point that is not a specified bulletin board location employees will contact the ___ for instructions.
  2. While reforming service, employees whose duties involve or are affected by the movement of trains must have a ____ ___ in good working order, which ___________ shows ______, ______ and _______.
    Reliable watch, simultaneously shows hours, minutes and seconds.
  3. Watches must be set to a ________ _____ before starting each tour of duty. If it is not available, the employee will check with another employee who has the correct time or call the _____.
    Standard clock, or call OCC.
  4. While performing service, train service and other employees whose duties require them to give _____ ____, must carry flagging equipment consisting of a ____ ____, ___ ____ and _ ____.
    Hand signals, red flag, white light and 6 fusees.
  5. General Orders are numbered _________, with the first digit representing timetable number and the second and third digits representing the sequence number.
  6. DTOBO's are in effect for __ _____.
    24 hours.
  7. All Bulletin Orders Are numbered __________ by line with the first digit indicating the timetable number and subsequent digits indicating the sequence number.
  8. Employees whose duties require them to be qualified on the operating rules and timetable must schedule and attend Operating Rules Class?
    Once every calendar year.
  9. Employees covered by the Operating rules who have not performed service on MNR for over 30 days ________ ___ _____ ____-_____.
    Supervisor of locomotive engineers-system.
  10. Employees in the following crafts are required to take periodic medical examinations?
    Train and engine service employees.
  11. Employees who are subject to the hours of service requirements must take a medical examination once every___ ____.
    3 years.
  12. Who is charge of the movement of trains and equipment on main and other tracks specified in the timetable and issue instructions to employees connected with these movements?
  13. Who is responsible for operating a train or locomotive?
  14. Engineers are governed by the following operating instructions. They must maintain these documents and have them when reporting for duty and while performing service:
    • Operating Rules (MN-400)
    • Employee timetable
    • Equipment Operating Instructions (MN-401)
    • Electrical Instructions for Operating Employees (MN-290OP)
    • General Safety Instructions
    • Emergency instructions
  15. Engineer will allow student engineers to operate their train only when this can be done safely and ______ ______ _______ ___________.
    Without causing unnecessary train delay.
  16. Student engineers will operate only under the ____ _____ _____ of the engineer.
    Direct, personal supervision.
  17. The _______ is responsible for the proper operation of the train, in accordance with all rules and instructions, while the student engineer is operating.
  18. Only a certified _______ ______ or a student engineer under the direct supervision of a certified locomotive engineer is permitted to operate a train or locomotive.
    Locomotive engineer.
  19. Engineers must notify the ___ immediately if they discover that they do not have their certificate in their possession while operating a train. When authorized by the RTC the engineer may then complete his assignment for that day.
  20. Engineers must report to a _____ ____ _____ __ ______ any suspension of their drivers license or motor vehicles related conviction within 3 days of final judgement.
    System road foreman of engines.
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